Van Hanos: Twin

Van Hanos,Lisson Gallery

For Van Hanos’s first exhibition in London, the Marfa-based artist presents a series of new paintings, focusing exclusively on experimental figuration for the first time. In Hanos’s ever-evolving practice, each exhibition is an extension from his previous body of work; his last presentation in New York (Conditional Bloom at Lisson Gallery, 2021) focused on multifarious abstractions of form, whereas now the artist applies himself to expanding our perception of the medium and traditions around figurative painting. In this new series, we see Hanos thinking about painting differently, liberating his and our understanding of allegory and image, considering what makes portraiture a portrait rather than just an illustration of a figure. Some paintings are intentionally conceived as portraits – formed through a deep and deliberate affection to capture the likeness of the person – whereas others are painted as symbols or vehicles for narratives.

Entitled Twin, the premise was born from a conversation between Hanos and his twin brother, sharing his initial vision for the gallery space, thinking of the trapezoid-like spaces as a pair, as well as marking this as the painter’s second exhibition with Lisson. The notion of twin, rather than twins, also encourages reflections on the self, the singularity in the pair, which Hanos used as a springboard to explore with mirrors and echoes, focusing on the creation of images from other images.

Duration 16 November 2022 - 21 January 2023
Times Tuesday – Saturday: 11:00am – 6:00pm
Cost Free
Venue Lisson Gallery (67 Lisson Street)
Address 67 Lisson Street, London, NW1 5DA
Contact 4402077242739 / /