VOMA – Exhibitions Spring 2021


VOMA – the world’s first virtual museum – launched last year, opening during the unprecedented Covid-19 lockdown. With museums and galleries forced to close worldwide, VOMA brought to the global public a series of world-class, exquisitely curated exhibitions, featuring seminal works from the world’s most prestigious institutions, from the Musée d’Orsay to the Art Institute of Chicago.

Now, for Spring 2021, VOMA announces two new exhibitions for its main galleries.

In Gallery Zero, ‘Reclaiming the Body’ explores renewal and the restoration of power, specifically through the lens of the body. Works by Ana Mendieta (Cuban), Huguette Caland (Lebanese), Adelaide Damoah (British Ghanaian), Ilona Szalay (Lebanese) and Frida Kahlo (Mexican) express the agency and visceral nature of the female identity. Video artist Trulee Hall (USA) looks at contemporary depictions of womanhood and female sexuality. Michael Petry (American) and Luciano Garbati (Argentine-Italian) re-evaluate the historical canon of art and mythology, through the acts of dominance and violence routinely shown towards women. Finally, these works are faced by historical depictions of mythical female icons by Artemesia Gentileschi, Sandro Botticelli and Peter Paul Rubens.

In Gallery One, ‘Breaking into Colour’ is a celebration of colour and abstraction in modern and contemporary art. The mid-century Colour Field artists took the essence of colour and created colour as an environment, as an experience. Colour becomes the key factor within a painting, and form gives way to colour and abstraction. This stunning show features work by Mark Rothko, Piet Mondrian and Yves Klein, major proponents of colour field painting, alongside contemporary abstractionist Michel Mouffe, abstract expressionist Joan Mitchell, Takashi Murakami’s bright, superflat hues and the colour studies of Josef Albers. Boris Bucan and Neil Stockoe sit at the cusp between abstract and figurative painting, where the viewer can feel the tension between disciplines.

There will also be a series of additional features, spaces and events – accessible via any device, including computer, tablet, phone, or VR headset.

Duration 02 March 2021 - 30 June 2021
Times online
Cost Free
Venue VOMA
Address online, ,
Contact / / www.voma.space