8 June 2022


Paula Rego: A Generation’s Defining Figurative Painter Dies Aged 87

Dame Paula Rego, one of the finest UK based figurative painters of her generation, has died suddenly in London aged 87.

20 January 2022

Suchitra Mattai Explores Social, Emotional And Political Material Based Practices – Unit London

Multimedia Indo- Caribbean artist Suchitra Mattai’s exhibition Monster (Unit London 11 January – 7 February)

10 February 2021


Noah Becker: Apprehensive/Emancipatory — Raphy Sarkissian

The perceptively formulated and compelling paintings of Becker expansively synthesize the historical and fictional solipsism.

26 September 2020


Robert Bechtle First Wave American Photorealist Painter Dies Age 88

Robert Bechtle who has died age 88 was an American painter and printmaker born in San Francisco in 1932. He lived all his life in the Bay Area. His practice focused on snapshots from everyday life, mostly his own life. 

20 February 2020


Artist Pyotr Pavlensky Charged With Invasion of Privacy In France 

The Russian dissident Performance artist Pyotr Pavlensky, 35, is to face invasion of privacy charges after leaking a graphic sex tape of Parisian mayoral candidate Benjamin Griveaux. The politician is a member of French President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist party La République En Marche.

26 September 2017

Roy Lichtenstein: Ben-Day Dots And Printer’s Ink – Tate Liverpool

This is the first public gallery show of Lichtenstein’s paintings to be held in Britain since Tate Modern’s well-attended retrospective in London, in 2013.

4 February 2017


George Boorujy An Artist Highlighting And Protecting Our Precious Natural World

Artist George Boorujy feels particularly pumped to take on the environmental cause, especially since ‘Day One’ the Environmental Protection Agency has been quieted with regard to global warming. Boorujy, an artist devoted to highlighting and protecting our precious natural world says, “This shouldn’t be a partisan issue! Democrats, as well as Republicans, need to breathe.

2 January 2017

John Berger Artist, Critic And Booker Prize Winner Dies Aged 90

The artist, critic, poet, and Booker prize-winning author John Berger has died age 90. Best known in art circles for his essay of art criticism, ‘Ways of Seeing’, it accompanied a popular BBC series and is still used as a university text. Berger was a novelist, painter, and poet. His novel G. won the 1972 Booker Prize.

23 July 2016


The Inexorable Rise Of A Hybrid Creature Called The Curatist

Are there many top dancers who can’t dance? Are there many top actors who can’t act? Are there many top film directors who can’t direct? Are there many top singers who can’t sing? Are there many top musicians who can’t play anything? Are there many top designers who can’t design? Are there any top sprinters who can’t run? Are there many top […]

7 June 2014


Robyn Denny British Abstract Painter, Printmaker And Designer Dies

Robyn Denny (b.1930) the British abstract painter, printmaker, and designer has died age 84 .Denny was born in Abinger, Surrey

22 July 2013


Ian Dury Retrospective Opens At Royal College of Art

The daughter of artist/musician Ian Dury has opened a retrospective of her father’s art work, at the Royal College of Art, an institution that he graduated from over four decades ago.  in order to mount the first ever retrospective of his work, crowd funding became a key factor in raising the money needed. When Dury […]

15 November 2012


Josephine Lyons: Portraiture, Archive And Memory – New Exhibition

Josephine Lyons’ next solo exhibition, Love in Palimpsests, opens 11th December at the Menier Gallery in Southwark and promises to be an affecting exploration of the links between portraiture, archive and memory. Taking the book as an inspiration and organising principle, Lyons extends her technical mastery of the painted portrait into a series of multi-dimensional […]