24 March 2021


KAWS: Reinventing Appropriation Brooklyn Museum – Raphy Sarkissian

Upon entering the Brooklyn Museum to view “Kaws: What Party”, the visitor is confronted by a colossal and strikingly iconic sculpture

20 February 2016


Edward Snowden Bronze Bust Exhibited At Brooklyn Museum Agitprop Exhibition

A bronze coloured bust by the artists Jeff Greenspan and Andrew Tider of the whistleblower Edward Snowden, has been unveiled at the Brooklyn Museum. The four-foot, 100-pound bespectacled statue was previously removed by police from a plinth on the Prison Ship Martyrs’ Monument in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park. Originally it was placed anonymously but the artists revealed themselves […]

25 March 2012


Keith Haring New Exhibition At Brooklyn Museum

The Early Years 1978–1982 Is Explored In This Bold New Show A new exhibition exploring the early New York works of Keith Haring has opened at the Brooklyn Museum. This is the first large-scale exhibition to look at his early career which is that of one of the most influential and best-known American artists of […]