28 December 2021


Homage To Wayne Thiebaud – In Conversation With Colin Smith

I had the good fortune to meet Wayne Thiebaud in Sacramento, California. We spent a day together and I was impressed with his kindness and modesty.

20 May 2018

Colin Smith: Imagery Rooted In The Everyday World

It’s been several decades since the British Artist Colin Smith exhibited in the UK. He has worked almost exclusively overseas during this time, in the USA, Sweden, a long period in a mountain village in Spain, and now is based mainly in Ghent, Belgium.

12 March 2015


Richard Diebenkorn: A First Hand Recollection By British Artist Colin Smith

You will almost certainly recognise the names – Ginsberg, Kerouac, Ferlingetti, Burroughs, Corso, but there is a fair chance you won’t know these – Park, Bishoff, Weeks, Diebenkorn, McGraw, Wonner, Theopolis and Joan Brown. It could be argued that these names should rank in cultural significance alongside the others. Diebenkorn like Hopper was well known […]