28 March 2017

Is Geraldine Swayne The Best Portrait Painter In Britain Today?

An exhibition of paintings by the British artist Geraldine Swayne featuring a number of new works has gone on view at The Fine Art Society. The title of the show, ‘Silvering’, refers to Swayne’s use of silver and gold grounds and aluminium and copper surfaces, reflecting the artist’s interest in the surface quality and material value of her work.

19 December 2016


Sandra Blow Pioneering English Abstract Painter New Fine Arts Society Exhibition

Eleven large- scale canvases by the English abstract painter Sandra Blow RA (1925-2006) will be the subject of an exhibition at The Fine Art Society in London. Spanning a period of almost 30 years, the show will include a number of works which have never been exhibited before.

28 September 2016


Gerald Laing Honoured With First Posthumous Retrospective At Fine Arts Society

The first posthumous exhibition of the leading British Pop artist and sculptor Gerald Laing (1936 – 2011) has opened at The Fine Art Society in London on the fifth anniversary of his death. The exhibition features over 70 paintings and sculptures, including many of his most important works, the exhibition traces the entire trajectory of the artist’s career. Part […]

16 May 2016


Fine Arts Society 140 Years Of British Art Celebrated In New Exhibition

The Fine Art Society is presenting an anniversary celebration of 140 years of British art. This major exhibition will take over all five floors of the gallery and reflects its tastes and exhibiting history, past and present. The show is part of a carefully curated programme of exhibitions throughout 2016 celebrating the 140th anniversary of The Fine Art […]

17 March 2016


James McNeill Whistler: FAS Presents Largest Print Exhibition In 40 Years

The Fine Art Society is presenting an exhibition of prints by James McNeill Whistler (1834 – 1903). Featuring over 80 works from across his career, including rare and significant pieces. The show is the largest and most comprehensive exhibition of his printmaking for over forty years. A number of rare works will be featured, including 9 from the Amsterdam series (1889), considered by the […]

3 October 2015


Fine Art Society Presents Major New Performance Art Exhibition

The Fine Art Society is presenting a major contemporary group exhibition featuring 9 artists who incorporate the act of performance in their practice including concrete poetry, dance, choreography and theatre. The exhibition which will be displayed across two floors of the Bond Street gallery will include work across a range of media including painting, sculpture, […]

10 September 2013


Rob and Nick Carter Reengaging With Art Of The Past

Rob and Nick Carter: Transforming presents a body of work that reengages with art of the past, harnessing the most cutting edge new media to create a sustained engagement with old and modern masters. At the heart of this exhibition is a conviction that the rampant technological revolution in our midst can be subverted from […]

27 November 2012



The Fine Art Society in New Bond Street is presenting an exhibition that tells the story of Carving in Britain from 1910 to the present day. In the early years of the Twentieth Century sculpture in the UK shifted in a dramatic new direction with the rediscovery of what Henry Moore later termed ‘direct carving’. […]