Great Artworks Explained A New Video Series By James Payne

This is a new series by Artist/historian James Payne demystifying great works of art. We will be adding to this page as the content is produced.

1 April 2017


Picasso Masterpiece Guernica At 80 New Exhibition Unveiled

A new exhibition marking the 80th anniversary of the creation of Picasso’s masterpiece Guernica is unveiled in Spain on 5 April.

18 September 2015


Ai Weiwei And Anish Kapoor: Far More Effective Than Guernica

What I admire about Thursday’s public march led by Anish Kapoor and Ai Weiwei eight miles across London is its resourcefulness and simplicity in its show of solidarity for the refugee crisis. Art in its usual form of protest is traditionally highly symbolic (think Guernica), provocative (that chap nailing his genitalia to Red Square), or […]

7 December 2014


Contemporary Art: Where’s Your politics? Where’s Your Guernica?

Last month I went to see KP Brehmer. Real Capitalism–Production at Raven Row gallery. I came away feeling elated that such beautiful work could be so politically clever. Brehmer pushed the buttons of Capitalism using its own templates, casting comment across its growing evils using charts, graphs and maps. Brehmer’s work is quiet yet immensely […]

22 July 2012


Guernica 75 Years of Impact for Picasso’s Greatest Painting

2012 marks the 75th anniversary of one of the most infamous moments of the Spanish Civil War and the European inter-war period.  On 26 April 1937, at the request of military dictator Francisco Franco, Hitler’s Luftwaffe bombed the Basque city of Guernica.  While certainly a tragedy, the attack was not the most deadly of the […]

16 February 2012


Picasso Masterpiece Guernica Exhibited In UK Car Showroom

Pablo Picasso’s Guernica is among the most revered masterpieces of modern art; but, it turns out, the last time it was exhibited in the UK was in a humble Manchester car show room! This is was in 1939, when the monumental painting was entrusted to a group of young artists and political activists who casually […]