15 April 2015

Jo Baer: Towards The Land Of The Giants – Camden Arts Centre – Cultural Signifiers Of Time Passing

Centring around Baer’s most recent series, In the Land of Giants, developed since 2009, Camden Art Centre’s exhibition of Jo Baer’s work reveals the artist making great shifts in formal terms yet maintaining continuity in subject matter. These newer works are inspired by Paleolithic cave paintings, and much of the imagery derives from Baer’s time […]

10 April 2015


American Artist Jo Baer Opens New Exhibition At Camden Arts Centre

Camden Arts Centre presents an exhibition of Jo Baer’s most recent series of paintings, ‘In the Land of the Giants’. The latest series, developed since 2009, reflects on the artist’s life-long interest in history and science. Inspired by Palaeolithic cave paintings, Baer saw in these ancient marks, with their instilled meaning, a midway between abstraction […]