11 March 2021

Kati Vilim: Optical and Tactile ─ Raphy Sarkissian

Kati Vilim’s work is seemingly weightless so as to float off into the ether, planar surfaces intercept and overlap, at once asserting the flatness of the canvas and transfiguring abstraction into illusions of solid bodies.

20 November 2018

Josef Albers Life And Work – A New Book – Review Edward Lucie-Smith

Once you struggle through the fairly formidable Introduction to this biography – a chapter devoted to orientating the reader concerning Josef Albers’ major achievement, the long Homage to the Square series of paintings

16 January 2017

Josef Albers Yellow Paintings Explored In New London Exhibition

The 20th-century Abstract painter Josef Albers is presented in a new exhibition at the David Zwirner Gallery in London exploring Albers focus on one color. This was a concept that held a pervasive place in the artist’s oeuvre. Sunny Side Up, a trove of paintings in which yellow dominates, is drawn from five decades of the artist’s work and […]

30 November 2014


Josef Albers Masterpiece Destroyed By MetLife Could Be Recreated

For several decades thousands of people walked by an enormous red, white and black mural created by the German-born artist and colorist Josef Albers, on their way to Grand Central Station. It was designed as a homage to New York, the city to which he immigrated in 1933. The artwork was situated in the former […]

16 May 2014

Josef Albers: Bauhaus Compositional Practice In Black And White

This exhibition of Josef Albers focuses solely on the artist’s exploration of black throughout his life, with unexpectedly diverse pieces serving to highlight the vast inventiveness of one artist constrained to a single gradient. Combined with an equally constrained attitude towards composition and scale, the deliberate similarities of many compositional sequences in fact amplify the […]

4 May 2014


Josef Albers: New Exhibition Explores The Importance Of Black And White

Josef Albers was a pioneering colour theorist and a historic teacher at the Bauhaus, Germany, Black Mountain College, North Carolina, and Yale University, Connecticut. His impact on contemporary art and design was and is lasting and profound. Waddington Custot Galleries in London will now present ‘Josef Albers: Black and White’ in association with the Josef and […]