29 June 2022

In the Black Fantastic Ekow Eshun Curates London’s Best New Summer Exhibition 

The Hayward Gallery’s new exhibition titled ‘In the Black Fantastic’ is the UK’s first major exhibition dedicated to the work of Black artists

30 December 2020


Revolutionary Art Movement Or Just A Catch Up – Edward Lucie- Smith

Looking at official galleries here in Britain (all temporarily closed as of this publication) – more especially at those situated in London – it is immediately evident that a revolution has taken place.

9 November 2020

Kara Walker Boots Trump Out – Sotheby’s Latest Lawsuit – Eileen Agar Whitechapel Show

Kara Walker Boots Trump Out – Eileen Agar Whitechapel Show – Sotheby’s Latest Lawsuit

5 July 2020


Kara Walker: Fons Americanus – Significant Works – Sue Hubbard

In this new series, art critic, Poet and novelist Sue Hubbard discusses seminal contemporary artworks

1 October 2019

Kara Walker At Tate Turbine Hall Plus Three Exhibitions At StoreX

Tate Modern has unveiled a monumental 13-metre-high fountain created by the American artist Kara Walker. Walker is best known for her thought-provoking investigations of race, sexuality and violence through the history of slavery,

11 March 2019


Kara Walker To Create Next Hyundai Commission At Tate Modern

The African American Artist Kara Walker has been selected to create the next annual Hyundai Commission at Tate Modern.

16 August 2017

Kara Walker Artist Statement Keeps The Motor Running On Civilization

The African American artist Kara Walker who is presenting her latest show at Sikkema Jenkins and Co in New York has written a serious though humorous diatribe as part of her latest press release.

12 June 2014

Kara Walker’s Sphinx An Unrealised Proposal To Honor Mammies

Upon entering the disused Domino sugar factory, in New York the first thing you notice is the smell. It’s pungent, acrid, and forces a sensitive nose to wrinkle slightly. A little further in, you encounter the cherubic countenance of a pre-pubescent black boy clad in a loin cloth and holding a basket like he’s making […]

30 July 2013


African American Artist Kara Walker New Camden Arts Centre Exhibition

The Camden Arts Centre are to present an Exhibition of ‘Capable Artworks’ by the Notable Hand of the Celebrated American artist, Kara Elizabeth Walker, Negress, this autumn. One of America’s least compromising artists will finally have a solo show in London, bringing her truly cutting-edge, politically-charged paper silhouettes, on the themes of historical slavery and […]