2 April 2021


MSCHF Artist Collective: NIKE Blocks Sale Of Modified 666 Satan Shoes 

MSCHF, have lost their case against Nike over a controversial line of ‘Satan Shoes’ containing a drop of real human blood in the soles.

17 March 2021


Cy Twombly Foundation Louvre Lawsuit – Nazi Era Klimt Painting Returned – Gerhard Richter Holocaust Panels Permanent Loan

Cy Twombly Foundation Louvre Lawsuit – Nazi Era Klimt Painting Returned – Gerhard Richter Holocaust Panels Permanent Loan

9 October 2016

Picasso Nazi Restitution Lawsuit Brought Against NY’s Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is in the process of being sued over ownership of Pablo Picasso’s painting “The Actor” by the estate of Paul Leffmann, a German-Jewish businessman who fled Nazi Germany in 1938. The case was filed last Friday. The 1904-5 Rouge Period painting shows a theatrical man gesturing with his hands. The Met’s curators describe […]

9 October 2016

Dash Snow Estate Sues McDonald’s For Copyright Infringement

The late, great cult artist Dash Snow’s family is suing McDonald’s for copyright infringement. The lawsuit which has been filed in a NY court claims that association with McDonald’s diminishes the value of the dead artist’s work. In an attempt to limit damages, the estate of the late artist is fighting to protect his legacy against the dreaded label of “sellout.” Jade Berreau, the late artist’s […]

28 August 2016


Richard Prince And Gagosian Sued By Makeup Artist Over Instagram Copyright infringement

Ashley Salazar, AKA Mynxii White is suing the artist Richard Prince and The Gagosian Gallery through the US District Court, in the Central District of California. The case revolves around a two-year-old photograph of the makeup artist who claims that Prince appropriated her intellectual property, without being consulted as the subject for a $100,000 work of art. The lawsuit was filed 15 […]

8 April 2016


Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation Sued For $45m Over Disputed Drag Self Portraits

Bobby Miller the cult photographer and poet has filed a $65 million claim against the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, as well as several of Mapplethorpe’s dealers  galleries and museums. The case involves work from an iconic series of drag ‘self-portraits’. This comes at a time when Mapplethorpe has just opened his largest retrospective exhibition ever in Los Angeles at […]

5 December 2014


Ronald Perelman Case Against Art Dealer Larry Gagosian Dropped

The billionaire art collector Ronald Perelman’s attempts to expose what he has called the “dirty” side of the art world ended on Thursday when his lawsuit against the international art dealer Larry Gagosian was dismissed by the appellate division of the New York State Supreme Court. Mr. Perelman had claimed, through his holding company MacAndrews […]

20 May 2014


Peggy Guggenheim Relatives Sue Foundation Over Venice Grave Desecration

Relatives of the art collector Peggy Guggenheim, who died in 1979 at the age of 81 are suing the powerful Guggenheim foundation for straying from the spirit of the will which granted them control of her Venetian Palazzo and valuable art collection.The museum located on the Grand Canal in Venice is one of the most […]

23 January 2011


Has Jeff Koons Gone Bonkers?

Forever an egotistical megalomaniac, Koons is obsessed with himself. His inflated self-importance has overstretched all sensible boundaries, reaching the point of no return. He is now suing a small San Francisco gallery for design and copyright infringement. It all began about a month ago when Koon’s lawyers sent a ‘Cease and Desist’ letter to the […]