23 April 2020


Infamous Colony Room Relived In New Book – Edward Lucie-Smith

Darren Coffield’s well-presented Tales from the Colony Room, Soho’s Lost Bohemia, memorialises an epoch in the London world of the arts that now seems very far away, even though the once-famous Colony Room closed its doors as recently as December 2008. 

28 April 2013


Banksy Revealed: New Book Lifts The Lid On Graffiti Artist

In the last decade, one graffiti  artist has stood head and shoulders above the rest of the pack of wannabes and that is Banksy, a man who never reveals himself or seeks to publicise more than the art he creates. Banksy has still managed to become a recognised celebrity whose work achieves hundreds of thousands […]

5 November 2012


The Art Of Dressing Queen Elizabeth By Angela Kelly

A new book has been published in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee year. This unique publication explores how Her Majesty The Queen has stood out from the crowd on her many engagements and maintained her unfailing sense of style. Written by Angela Kelly, Personal Assistant, Adviser and Curator to Queen Elizabeth II, the book opens […]