Artlyst Podcast: Jeremy Deller Discusses Andy Warhol And William Morris At Modern Art Oxford

Jeremy Deller

At the age of 20, the Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller took up an invitation from Andy Warhol to hang out at the artist’s eponymous Factory. It was 1986 and Deller was an art history graduate, bumping into Warhol at Anthony d’Offay Gallery, where he was approached by one of Warhol’s entourage. The visit remained entirely professional until Deller was groped by the famous Pop artist. But the overall result of the visit would have a pivotal effect on Deller’s creative perspective, and future art career. Last year the artist curated an exhibition at Modern Art Oxford in which he placed Warhol alongside another of his heroes; that of the English textile designer, poet, novelist, translator, and socialist activist William Morris.

Works on show included Warhol’s iconic prints of Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Kennedy, as well as a signed photograph of Shirley Temple posted to a thirteen-year old Andy from the actress in 1941. Deller created an exhibition of what would seem two disparate artists; juxtaposing a selection of Warhol’s silkscreens and archival material with designs, wallpapers, and tapestries by Morris, resulting in an illuminating show.

Jeremy Deller was kind enough to give Artlyst a tour of the exhibition, and talked about his various curatorial decisions to juxtapose the work of both artists.

Words: Jeremy Deller with Paul Black. Photos © and P C Robinson, 2015 Artlyst all rights reserved


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