Kiki Smith

Kiki Smith: Embodied Art – Revd Jonathan Evens

Kiki Smith creates an embodied art. She chose the human body as her subject because it is the one form that we all share; something with which each one of us has our own authentic experience. Her choice was informed by undertaking training to become an Emergency Medical Technician and also by the Catholicism of her upbringing.

26 November 2019


Rose Finn-Kelcey: Life, Belief and Beyond, Modern Art Oxford,

The Sacramental And Liturgical Nature Of Conceptual Art – Rev Jonathan Evens

In 1974 Michael Craig-Martin exhibited a work entitled An Oak Tree which, through the text alongside a glass of water displayed on a bathroom shelf, claimed that this work is an oak tree in the form of a glass of water. To make this claim Craig-Martin drew on Christian understandings of sacraments which are most fully realised in the Eucharist.

26 August 2017

KALEIDOSCOPE Modern Art Oxford

Modern Art Oxford, The Vanished Reality: Temporal, Sociological, And Cultural Locations

Modern Art Oxford presents its final exhibition in a series of shows celebrating the Gallery’s 50th anniversary; concluding its KALEIDOSCOPE series with ‘The Vanished Reality’. This multi-generational exhibition presents work by Marcel Broodthaers, Hans Haacke, Iman Issa, Darcy Lange, Louise Lawler, Maria Loboda, Kerry James Marshall, Katja Novitskova, and Hardeep Pandhal.

17 November 2016

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