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Paul Carey Kent Artlyst Interview Of The Month

Welcome to this new series of monthly artist interviews by the Art critic Paul Carey-Kent. Paul is the former editor of Art World magazine and has written for Art Monthly, Frieze and Photomonitor among others. His interviews for this series include Ibrahim Mahama, Alexandre da Cunha, Rosie Gibbens, Spencer Finch, Ena Swansea, Tanya Kovats and Magnus Plessen. His catalogue essays have ranged from Joseph Beuys to Richard Schur, Alison Gill and David Rickard. Over the last decade, he has become increasingly involved in freelance curatorial projects.


Jonny Briggs with ‘Window (ear in glass)’, 2022 - Photo Paul Carey-Kent
Jonny Briggs: Interview of the Month, January 2023 – Paul Carey-Kent


Photo Courtesy of the Artist Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery
Richard Schur: Interview of the Month, December 2022 – Paul Carey-Kent
Romuald Hazoumè

Romuald Hazoumè: Interview of the Month, November 2022 – Paul Carey-Kent

Wolfgang Laib
Wolfgang Laib: Interview of the Month, September 2022 – Paul Carey-Kent
Charmaine Watkiss

Charmaine Watkiss: Interview of the Month August 2022 – Paul Carey-Kent 

EDITORIAL USE ONLY British artist Mali Morris RA during the unveiling her new specially designed flag installation on London’s Bond Street, as part of Art in Mayfair, an annual six-week celebration of art and culture that runs alongside the Royal Academy of Art’s Summer Exhibition 2022. Picture date: Monday June 20, 2022. PA Photo. Photo credit should read: Doug Peters/PA Wire
Mali Morris: Interview of the Month, July 2022 – Paul Carey-Kent

Peter Buggenhout: Interview of the Month, June 2022 – Paul Carey-Kent


Martin Parr: Interview of the Month May 2022 – Paul Carey-Kent

Oak, Beech, Ash, 2017 - Pigment on paper stencil print, 76 x 57 cm, Edition of 19

David Nash: Interview of the Month April 2022 – Paul Carey-Kent

Rana Begum with mesh cloud No.1048, 2020 (all images: Angus Mill photography)

Rana Begum: Artist Interview of the Month March 2022 – Paul Carey-Kent

Alisson Katz in the studio with what will become a ‘mouth painting’

Allison Katz: Interview of the Month February 2022 – Paul Carey-Kent

Jyll Bradley

Jyll Bradley: Interview of the Month January 2022 – Paul Carey-Kent

Magnus Plessen,

Magnus Plessen: Artist Interview of the Month December 2021 – Paul Carey-Kent

‘The Divers’, 2019 – installation view of Oceanic at Parafin Gallery, photography by Peter Mallet

Tania Kovats: Artist Interview of the Month November 2021 – Paul Carey-Kent

Ibrahim Mahama: Interview of the Month, October 2021 – Paul Carey-Kent

Alexandre da Cunha: Interview of the Month September 2021 – Paul Carey-Kent

Rosie Gibbens: Interview of the Month August 2021 – Paul Carey-Kent

Spencer Finch: Interview of the Month July 2021 – Paul Carey-Kent

Ena Swansea: Interview of the Month June 2021 – Paul Carey-Kent

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