A Response To Proposed Arts Cuts

The state of advanced capitalism which we are in has no ethical limitations. Organisations, and more importantly the top-dogs awarding themselves obscene amounts of money and changing the systems for their own benefit, have operated in an unrestrained and totally morally derelict manner which is why we find ourselves in this economic and social crisis that we do. The Government has actively supported these systems and funded their corruption with tax payers money. When will these people be held accountable for the mess they have and continue to create?? Or more importantly, when will the masses stop being held accountable for the mess which is created by the people at the top of the very systems which are supposedly designed to serve them?? Where is our Trust in the Political parties, the voting systems, our Systems of Governance, the Banking systems and the energy companies amongst all the many others, whose profiteering relies on irresponsible amoral practices?? Society grows ever more volatile while this situation remains unresolved and becomes more entrenched. We should be working towards a society which recognises not only the individual but also the interdependence of individuals and organisations upon each other. Faceless society only works for the very few people who get their pockets lined in the process, not for the masses who are marginalised by the systems which they have to work for/in to sustain. In progressive areas of society we work towards service provision being designed in collaboration between the service providers and the service users, how then can we justify the governance systems not being designed in the same way?? Is that not core to the operation of any society; that it’s political systems work to serve it’s populous? (i.e the entire population, not simply those who engage with the current political systems) The fact that Cameron has now stepped in to limit the cuts to the Defence budget demonstrates where his priorities lie. Security money will be spent creating even more of a Orwellian parent state, almost anticipating strategically, the reaction which is the inevitable result of such volatility, maybe not created by, but irresponsibly perpetuated by the current Government. Difficult not to see that as a completely self serving decision. The proposed budget cuts to the Arts are more than any other sector, and should be seen as nothing less than a direct threat to your, your loved one’s and your children’s access and right to communicate and think freely. Not even the stubbornness philistine could argue the investment potential of the Arts Sector, with a £2 return for every £1 spent, who could? No other sector brings in that sort of return, Defence certainly could never augment other sectors in the way that the Arts does and could continue to do. The suggested budget cuts are painfully shortsighted, the coalition coercing people with isolated snippets of ‘reasoning’ which do not ring true once you put them into a wider perspective. Take something out of context and it can be whatever you want it to me; we live in a world of marketing , to not see this would be naive. We shouldn’t underestimate the impact of these decisions will have on ourselves, society and future generations. People will react, as they become aware of the implications of the coalitions budget cuts, the recent wars on the basis of the term ‘terrorist’ and the implications of the lack of cuts to the security budget. If people do not realise that this money wil be spent limiting their human rights under the guise of ‘national security’, they are sorely mistaken. Perhaps I am a threat to national security because I am prepared to put my head above the parapet and say “this is not right, you do not speak for me, better alternatives are possible which will create an inclusive society rather than an exclusive society. Sorry, you’re not hoodwinking me. Free choice and free voice i say”. But i genuinely care and I refuse to believe that our voices are obsolete. As unrest grows and people start to see the tangible effects of the governments decisions directly on their life, the life of a loved one, or the future it starts to create for their children, they will be stirred from their apathy. We can sit back and watch the damage in action, or we can speak up, in whatever ways we can. We can articulate our unrest, and we can hear it echoed across society; empowering each other with a solidarity and creating networks, which can effectively mobilise action.

Evil flourishes, while good men do nothing.

But, apathy is just the first step to action.

Rant over (Breathe). Spread the word.

Rebecca Mellor – 19 October 2010

( Photo: Culture Minister Jeremy Hunt Relaxing at your expense)


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