5 November 2022


Arts Council England Announce Shock Levelling Up Measures

Arts Council England has announced a £43.5 million shift in funding as part of the Government’s pet project ‘Levelling up’. ACE is the main organisation distributing grants to arts, culture, and creativity in England.

2 May 2017

Trump Backs Down On Scrapping National Endowment for the Arts – For Now

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) in the US which was under the threat of being axed by Donald Trump in his first Federal Government budget has been spared by Congress. Trump had announced his intentions to defund both the NEA and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).

9 October 2016

Culture Minister Promises Funding Deal To Protect London Arts From Cuts

Matt Hancock the new Culture minister has promised a funding deal to protect London arts from more cuts. The Arts Council England budget for 2018 to 2022 which was released yesterday shows millions more will be spent in the regions as well as the capital.  £622 million a year has been earmarked across lottery and grant-in-aid for its three […]

25 July 2015


New Tory Cuts Threaten Free Council Run Museums Entry

Charges for museum entry were scrapped at national galleries in England, Scotland and Wales in 2001. Many of these institutions had previously charged for admission during the lean years of Thatcherist Britain. As a result visitor numbers were seen to serge at museums which became accessible to the general public for the first time in years. A […]

14 June 2013


DCMS Announces 8% Cut In Arts Spending For 2015-2016

The (DCMS) Department for Culture, Media and Sport has announced an 8% cut in spending for the period 2015-2016. The deal, made with the Treasury is understood to be across the board effecting all arts disciplines and museums. Peter Bazalgette, the newly appointed Chair of Arts Council England, said it was a “massive result” for […]

9 March 2013


Local British Councils Slash Arts Budgets By Up To 50%

They always seem to leave it to the weekend to bury bad news, in the hope that the public doesn’t notice, but Westminster City Council has confirmed a two-year plan to scrap £350,000 per year from its community arts budget, a fund currently directed to projects in venues such as the Soho Theatre and the […]

18 April 2012


Artworks Burnt In War Against Arts Cuts

Italian gallerist Antonio Manfredi torches artworks in protest against government austerity measures amid debt crisis Antonio Manfredi, director of the Casoria Contemporary Art Museum in Naples, has started to set fire to his collection, with the first being ritually destroyed on Tuesday: ‘Over 1,000 artworks are headed for destruction anyway because of the government’s indifference,’ […]

29 February 2012


Business Support Of Arts Drops Dramatically

Preliminary reports suggest that donations by businesses to arts organisations have dropped by 7%, while gifts from individuals are up… New statistics from the charity Arts & Business suggest that business investment in the arts has fallen for the fourth year in a row, down to £134.2m. But this was partially mitigated by an overall 4% […]

29 February 2012


Henley Report Champions Art Schools

The government-commissioned Henley report makes a number of recommendations tol make England’s cultural education ‘the envy of the world’. In particular, it calls on the government to continue and extend ‘exceptional funding’ for art, drama, and dance institutions. The report argues that: ‘This sector of higher education trains creative arts leaders, artists and practitioners for […]

4 January 2012


Art Fund Steps In To Mitigate Arts Council Cuts

Last year, Art Fund gained 18,000 new members, helping them in their work to compensate for drastic government cuts to arts spending While the rest of the world seemed on the brink of economic collapse, The Art Fund miraculously increased its membership by 15 % in 2011. The 18,000 new members achieved by the Art […]

8 December 2011


Grayson Perry On Taste Turns Tide Against Arts Cuts

Channel 4’s ‘Grayson Perry On Taste’ signals new spate of arts commissions from artists like Banksy, George Shaw, Hilary Lloyd, and David Shrigley Channel 4 has commissioned Turner Prize-winner Grayson Perry to present a 3-part documentary series exploring the relationship between taste and class in Britain. Grayson Perry on Taste will see the artist journeying […]

6 December 2011


Protesting Streaker Disrupts Turner Prize

The streaker, Mark Roberts, who disrupted last night’s Turner Prize announcement and was arrested by police has turned out to be a 46 year old grandfather from Liverpool. Roberts had scrawled the cryptic slogan, ‘Study This’ on his belly and was escorted away before he could disrupt the awards ceremony by doing a dance. In […]

12 November 2011


Grayson Perry Decries Portsmouth Plans to Cut Crafts

Grayson Perry has spoken out against arts cuts at university where he was student, arguing that digital media is no replacement for traditional crafts Grayson Perry has spoken out against the proposed cuts threatening the arts at the University of Portsmouth, where he was once a student. The Turner Prize winning artist (currently exhibiting at […]

29 August 2011


Tate Told To Sort Bullying

Trustees order management to get workplace under control Something is not quite right within the seemingly idyllic Tate Organization, as gallery attendants accuse senior and middle managers of bullying. Cutbacks and replacement staff are to blame for internal friction within the large art organisation. A few months ago the case was so bad that the […]

25 March 2011


Call For Cameron to Stop Lying About Arts Cuts

Arts Cuts a Survival Guide: What next for the arts?   Following a meeting today, at the Young Vic of cross arts representatives, an open letter was published, directed at Prime minister David Cameron. The meeting was attended by over 500 concerned members of the arts community. The consensus was drawn that the potential contribution […]

25 March 2011


London Protest Against Arts Cuts 26 March

Royal festival Hall Is Meet Up Point For Artists 10am Groups of artists protesting on the 26th March are meeting outside the Royal festival Hall on the other side of the embankment before marching across to join the much larger march.  This will give everyone a chance to meet up with likeminded protesters. As many […]

29 January 2011


Arts Donations From UK Business Falls By 11%

Businesses investment in UK arts fell last year by 11%. This was despite Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s DCMS directive to encourage corporate philanthropy. The initiative was launched last year to take the pressure off of the Government, which has made cuts to the arts of around 30%. The figures clearly highlight the universal tightening of […]

4 November 2010


Arts Council England To Cut 100 Organisations

More than 100 smaller organisations are likely to lose their Arts Council funding. The announcement follows the government’s decision to slash funding for the arts by 29.6% as part of the comprehensive spending review. Tate,V&A, British Museum, ICA, National Gallery as well as the The Royal Opera House and Royal Ballet are among the organisations […]

20 October 2010


Arts Cuts In Osborne’s Spending Review Unveiled

Latest News: George Osborne’s statement this lunchtime was only the tip of the iceberg figure for the (DCMS) Department for Culture Media and Sport’s budget. The details of cuts to the arts and museums are expected to emerge later, when the full report is released by Jeremy Hunt’s office. We expect to uncover that although […]

19 October 2010


A Response To Proposed Arts Cuts

The state of advanced capitalism which we are in has no ethical limitations. Organisations, and more importantly the top-dogs awarding themselves obscene amounts of money and changing the systems for their own benefit, have operated in an unrestrained and totally morally derelict manner which is why we find ourselves in this economic and social crisis […]

14 October 2010


Arts Cuts For Quangos Announced

A hit list of hundreds of taxpayer-funded bodies were axed in a “bonfire of the quangos” today. Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude announced the shake-up as “a victory for accountability”. The Arts were by no means immune to this savagery, Four bodies including the Film Industry Training Board were privatised although mergers resulting in a […]

5 October 2010


Tate’s Serota Lambasts Osborne and Hunt

Tate Modern Director Sir Nicholas Serota announced in an interview today that Museums in the UK could not weather cuts of 25% – 30%  and that they would have to close for at least two days per week and drastically cut opening hours. In a rare out pouring, he also pointed out that it would […]

21 September 2010


Mark Wallinger New Arts Cuts Protest Painting

As promised, Turner Prize-winning artist Mark Wallinger produced a new work to highlight  proposed government cuts in the arts. The work entitled ‘Reckless’ takes Turner’s 1839 painting ‘The Fighting Temeraire’ showing “25% cut” out of the canvas in a Banksy style composite. A new work from artists supporting the cause will be released every week […]