Cavendish Square Underground Art Event Pops Up For Frieze Week

Cavendish Square Underground

Patron, Geoff Leong once again joins forces with dynamic artist- curator duo Vanya Balogh and Cedric Christie plus a new team of international guest curators to support one of the highlights of London’s Frieze week. This Artlyst sponsored non profit exhibition features over 100 artists in the circular 20000 Sq ft multi storey car park beneath Cavendish Square. It is always is one of the better collateral events of the Autumn season. Whilst unusual in terms of location this annual event likes to question and poke, challenge and inspire, entice and entertain all art lovers and visitors. Open to public for three days and two nights non-stop, it features selection of purely monochromatic works in the medium of sculpture, photography, painting, drawing and site- specific installation.

Both emerging and established artists are present throughout the event and will take part in series of talks taking place at the venue during the intense FRIEZE Art weekend. This years event follows up on the collective and democratic idea of previous exhibitions hosted at Cavendish Square with guest curators from Israel, Iceland, Holland, Belgium, South Korea, Switzerland and Italy selecting participating artists and completing a trilogy of shows which started with highly acclaimed “Big Deal No5” in 2013 and followed by equally controversial “We Could Not Agree” in 2014.

“Supporting Arts is an important part of bringing incredible works to the public. Expect the unexpected, from organised chaos to uniform structure and much more. This year especially we are pleased to welcome participating artists from all over the world who will join us for the occasion. I believe this is both an original & inspiring exhibition, which brings a required element of fun & play into the fray. There really is nothing like it in the world of art we see today, the engaging of artists & the public in perfect harmony” – Geoff Leong, patron

Guest curators – Silent Movies include, Vera Pilpoul – Tel Aviv, Sylvie Rodriguez – Brussels, Stephanie Seungmin Kim – Seoul, Alexandre Bianchini – Geneva, hARTSLane – Tisna Westerhof, Cristiana Bottigella and Sigrun Sverrisdottir, all based In London.

Exhibiting Artists:

Joe Dye ~ Michal Cole ~ Richard Ducker ~ Miyuki Kasahara~ Maslen & Mehra with Shuby & Delete ~ Mark Woods ~ Joe Dye~ Jonathan Slaughter ~ Sian- Kate Mooney ~ Hermione Allsopp ~ Keith Ball ~ Cedric Christie ~ Gzillion Artist ~ Tisna Westerhof ~ Freya Anne Boittier ~ Negin Vaziri ~ Michael Petry ~ Vanya Balogh ~ Pascal Rousson ~ Sara Le Roy ~ Grassy Noel ~ Uliana Apatina ~ Lars Wolter ~ William Angus-Hughes ~ Eva Raboso ~ Nadia Ballan ~ Alexandre Bianchini ~ Sylvie Rodriguez ~ Laura Hynd ~ Petro Beatrice Haines ~ Jeffrey Louis-Reed ~ Rebecca Scott ~ Bada Andrea Morruchio ~ Dallas Seitz ~ Sarah Baker ~ Roman Taher ~ Simon Liddiment ~ Emily McMehen ~ Andrea Dojmi ~ Sequin Kay ~ Desdemona Varon ~ Danny Pockets ~ Guy Haddon-Grant ~ Alina Gavrielatos ~ Roberto Ekholm ~ Soon Hak Kwon ~ Moonassi ~ Hugo Von Hugo ~ Meg Shirayama ~ Neda Dana-Haeri ~ Yael Omer ~ Lorenzo Belenguer ~ Paul Tucker ~ Roger Clarke ~ David Brock ~ Andrea Bergqvist ~ Mario Sanchez Varas ~ Paul Coombs ~ Mark Wigan ~ Hyejin Kim ~ Gunwoo Shin ~ HaNuk Jung ~ Marion Tampon Lajarriette ~ DJ Roberts ~ Arie Berkovich ~ Hye Young Ku ~ Jonathan Goldman ~ Dor Even- Chen ~ Yva Young ~ Ayelet Amrany Navon ~ Brigitte Parusel ~ Cathy Gale ~ Sarah Lis ~ Oliver Palmer ~ Sarah Pager ~ Carol Wyss ~ Angela Wright ~ Joelle Flumet ~ Sung Eun Chun ~ Laura Solari ~ Delphine Reist ~ Cristian Valenzuela ~ Lurent Fallon ~ Francisco Da Mata ~ Louise Mestrallet ~ Saskia Edens ~ Laure Gonthier ~ Urban XXX ~ Theodora Quiriconi ~ Vernonique Goel ~ Aline Seigne ~ Luca Paci ~ Sabine Wannamacher ~ Elena Montesinos ~ Garance Tschumi ~ Les Soeurs XY ~ Estelle Ferreira ~ Kristina Irobalieva ~ Zuo Fu ~ Laura Omacini ~ Damien MacDonald ~ Sally Krysztal ~ Invisible College ~ Pat Meagher ~ Helen Hamilton ~ Melissa Alley ~ Paul Tecklenberg ~ Sara Willet ~ Eleanor Davis ~ Susan Sluglett ~ Silvia Forese ~ Danny Augustine ~ Stacie McCormick ~ Katie Surridge ~ John Plowman ~ Thomas Langley ~ Julian Wild ~ Russell Terry ~ Michelle Grabner ~ Tiziana Mandolesi ~ Ruth Noam ~ Rowena Boshier ~ Samuel Smudger ~ Yukako Sakakura ~ Zhuang Hong Yi 

Location: Q PARK, Level -3 Central London Cavendish Square W1G 0PN nearest tube: Oxford Circus Private View Friday 16th October ~ 7pm until 10pm Exhibition runs 18th ~ 19th October 24 hours nonstop. Free Entry by appointment

Top Photo:  Paul Tucker Photo 2  BEATRICE HAINES “Sanatorium” Photo 3 ANDREA MORRUCHIO “Damosseno Photo 4 RICHARD DUCKER “Island-Dark Matter Photo 5  PAUL COOBES “Dildosis” ( isis flag ) 2015 UK


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