New Anish Kapoor Installation For Grand Palais in Paris

Anish Kapoor

British Artist Anish Kapoor (Born in Bombay in 1954) has been invited to exhibit in the monumental space around the Grand Palais in Paris. His work creates a great opportunity for the vast space.  MONUMENTA, in its fourth edition offers 13.500 m2 in the Nave of the large palace. After the success of the first three editions of this prestigious commission which has previously featured Anselm Kiefer, Richard Tightened then Christian Boltanski, Anish Kapoor takes up the challenge with a new work. Kapoor has produced impressive work since the eighties. It is often méditative and powerful. It is a great sensation to view the installation-sculptures which capture the attention and imagination of the visitor. Mirror polished, powders of pigment, rough concrete or fatty wax are some of the materials used in his works. The forms are at the same time organic and minimalist by design. MONUMENTA marks the return of Anish Kapoor to Paris, thirty years after his very first exhibition. Its ambition for the Grand palace to create an aesthetic and physical presence mixing the contemporary with the classical setting. The installation will be poetic, méditative detonating experimentation with colour, which are measured with verticality in the light of the surroundings. The event was initiated by the Ministry for the Culture and Communication (Head office of artistic creation) and Co-produced by the National centre of the visual arts (CNAP).Attracting over 150,000 visitors annually, for its fourth year Monumenta 2011 has been entrusted to Kapoor with high expectations. Beyond politics, the subject of space is one that continues to preoccupy him. “Bigness is one of the tools of sculpture. Why not use it?” he says on the breadth of his latest project. Kapoor has dedicated his new  art installation a vast red sculpture which the visitor will be able to walk inside, as if into the belly of a monster to the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, who is in custody in Beijing accused of unspecified crimes.

May 11-June 23; Grand Palais in Paris;  Photo: © ArtLyst 2010


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