21 September 2022

Ai Weiwei Receives Praemium Imperiale 2022 Award From Lord Patten

Yesterday I battled through the streets of London thronged with the Queen’s mourners to make my way to Asia House, where Lord Patten of Barnes was announcing the recipients of the Praemium Imperiale Awards.

22 June 2022

Gavin Turk Unveils New Public Sculpture Outside Cambridge Central Station 

The British artist Gavin Turk has created a new public artwork Inspired by surrealist artistic methodologies and the ‘myth’ of the artist.

16 March 2022

Ai Weiwei Juxtaposes Politics and Artefacts Kettle’s Yard – Lee Sharrock

Kettle’s Yard, part of the University of Cambridge, is the venue for a new exhibition of celebrated contemporary artist Ai Weiwei (born 1957, Beijing). Titled ‘The Liberty of Doubt’, the solo show curated by Andrew Nairne explores our perception of authenticity and truth and the value we place upon material things, which is very pertinent for the era of Fake News and disinformation that we are living through. 

28 February 2022


War Invades 59th Venice Biennale Russia Quits – Ukraine On Hold

Updated: Artists Alexandra Sukhareva and Kirill Savchenkov and curator Raimundas Malašauskas have pulled out of the Russian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. The invasion of Ukraine has put cultural exchange between Russia and the world in jeopardy. The Milk of Dreams was the title of the 2022 Venice Biennale Russian pavilion exhibition. This name was […]

10 February 2022


Ai Weiwei Takes Anti Vax Stance On Instagram

The Chinese dissident artist/activist Ai Weiwei has recklessly posted an anti-vax video on his Instagram account. In the reposted media, Mr Ai promotes a group of old men dancing and playing instruments with the caption, “Me and my friends living off-grid after refusing the vaccine.” His caption underneath the video reads: “#RunForOurRights #treadmill In defence […]

1 October 2019

Ai Weiwei Opens New London Show At Lisson Gallery

A significant exhibition by Ai Weiwei featuring a new series of monumental sculptural works in iron cast from large tree roots sourced in Brazil during research and production for last year’s survey exhibition, ‘Raiz’, at the Oscar Niemeyer-designed OCA Pavilion in Ibirapuera Park, São Paulo.

23 September 2019


18 July 2019


Ai Weiwei Wins Court Case Against Volkswagen In Denmark

In 2017, SMC a Volkswagen dealership in Copenhagen shot a photo of a new Volkswagen Polo parked in front of an installation by the Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei. The photograph was subsequently used to promote a new model of the Polo car on its website and inhouse magazine.

10 December 2018

Ai Weiwei Creates Flag To Mark 70th Anniversary Universal Human Rights Declaration

The decedent Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has created a flag to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

5 August 2018

Ai Weiwei Announces Beijing Authorities Have Demolished My Studio

The dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has announced that the Chinese authorities in Beijing have demolished his studio.

6 March 2018

Ai Weiwei Announces First Exhibition In The Gulf Region

Ai Weiwei has announced an exhibition of recent works at Qatar Museums Doha.

5 December 2017


Help Refugees: Auction Unites A-List Artists To Help Raise Funds

The dissident Chinese artist  Ai Weiwei is one of 27 artists who have given their support to a high profile charity auction in aid of award-winning NGO, Help Refugees. 

28 July 2017

Ai Weiwei Refugee Crisis Film Human Flow To Be Screened At Venice

The dissident Chinese artist, activist, and filmmaker Ai Weiwei will be competing in the Venice film festival this year with his film Human Flow, a film about the global refugee crisis.

27 March 2017

Ai Weiwei Builds Fences To Highlight Attitudes Towards Immigration

The Chinese dissident artist and activist Ai Weiwei will return to New York with gallery shows covering four venues. He will utilise the public exhibitions as a metaphor for his travel ban in China as well as the U.S. attitudes towards immigration under the leadership of Donald Trump.

20 February 2017

Ai Weiwei Sculptures Exhibited At YSP 40th Anniversary Celebrations

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park celebrates its 40th anniversary by presenting sculptures by internationally acclaimed Chinese artist Ai Weiwei.

8 December 2016


Quiz – Ai Weiwei

How much do you know about Ai Weiwei?

23 November 2016

Ai Weiwei: New UK Installations At Lisson Promotes Discussion And Dialogue

For his third exhibition at Lisson Gallery London and following his acclaimed exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in 2015, Ai Weiwei returns to the United Kingdom with two installations that promote discussion and dialogue.

21 September 2016


Ai Weiwei First Major Italian Retrospective Unveiled

Italy’s first major retrospective dedicated to the Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei opens 23 September at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence. Curated by Arturo Galansino, Director General of the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi It will present an important insight into the body of work that Mr. Ai has created during different phases of his career. Visitors to the Palazzo will […]

13 June 2016


Ai Weiwei: Artist And Activist To Speak At Cambridge Union

Dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is to appear in conversation with Yana Peel, CEO of the Serpentine Galleries, at the Cambridge Union. The renowned artist follows in the footsteps of such respected figures as the Dalai Lama, Winston Churchill, Judi Dench and Salman Rushdie in addressing students at the historic union. Ai is notable for […]

22 May 2016


Ai Weiwei Exhibition Opens At Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens

The Museum of Cycladic Art (MCA) in Athens has unveiled Ai Weiwei at Cycladic (20 May – 30 Oct 2016). This is the artist’s first major exhibition in Greece which includes a new artwork that responds to the museum’s collection. This is the artist’s first exhibition in an archaeological museum and follows a close collaboration between Ai Weiwei and the MCA. Significant works by the Chinese artist are displayed among […]

29 April 2016


Lego Apologises To Ai Weiwei For Cancelling Art Installation Order

Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen the billionaire Maker of Lego has publicly admitted that their reluctance to sell their toys to dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei for an art installation was a huge “mistake”. The toymaker came under scrutiny on social media last autumn following Mr Ai’s revealing that the toy giant Lego had refused an order of the plastic […]

28 April 2016


Instagram’s Democratisation of Photography Is An Art-form Unto itself

From those as successful as Ai Weiwei, to children newly born, it seems that everyone has an Instagram account. That’s no surprise either. It is one of the biggest social media applications, and after being bought by Facebook for $1billion in 2012, it has only grown. Now receiving upwards of 400 million users per month. […]

6 April 2016


Ai Weiwei To Donate 10% Of Exhibition Takings To Greek Refugee Crisis

A major exhibition of the Chinese dissident artist and activist Ai Weiwei has been announced by the Museum of Cycladic Art (MCA) in Athens. Ai Weiwei at Cycladic (20 May – 30 Oct 2016) will be the artist’s first exhibition within an archeological museum and in the country of Greece. This exhibition will introduce audiences to his practice through many of his significant works, placing them within the […]

3 February 2016


Ai Weiwei Creates Artwork Using 14,000 Migrant Lifejackets From Lesbos

The Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei has begun work on a new art project in Germany. The piece will incorporate 14,000 life jackets discarded by migrants, who came to the island of Lesbos in Greece to shelter. Local mayor Spiros Galinos has provided the floatation devices for the artwork, the office revealed in a statement yesterday.  A statement from the […]

28 January 2016


Ai Weiwei Shuts Danish Exhibition To Protest New Asylum Seekers Laws

Ai Weiwei, the Chinese dissident artist has shut down an exhibition in Denmark in protest of plans by the Danish Government to confiscate asylum seekers’ valuables, in order to pay for their welfare and upkeep. Workers at the Faurschou Foundation in Copenhagen have confirmed the exhibition closed yesterday. Under new measures, Danish police will be able to seize valuables worth […]

30 December 2015


Ai Weiwei Volunteers At Moria Refugee Camp, Lesbos

The Chinese dissident artist and honorary Royal Academician Ai Weiwei has long-been a supporter of refugees since the beginning of the European migrant crisis, even walking in support of refugees with Anish Kapoor across London, with Artlyst in attendance. Now, the artist has traveled to the Greek island of Lesbos to volunteer at the Moria […]

24 December 2015


Ai Weiwei: A Prolific Year For The Chinese Dissident Artist In Pictures

It has been a particularly busy year for the acclaimed dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. Artlyst even joined Ai and Anish Kapoor when the artists joined forces for a walk across London as they strode down London’s Piccadilly at the beginning of an eight-mile journey to show solidarity with refugees around the world. We even […]

22 December 2015


Ai Weiwei Lawyer Pu Zhiqiang Receives Suspended Sentence For Picking Quarrels

Pu Zhiqiang the best known human rights lawyer in China has been found guilty of “inciting ethnic hatred” and “picking quarrels” on his social media posts. Zhiqiang represented the dissident artist Ai Weiwei on tax evasion charges, that many believe were politically motivated. He also campaigned for the eventual abolition of the labour camp system, under which suspects could be detained for years without trial. […]

30 November 2015


Ai Weiwei’s Visa Finally Approved To Attend National Gallery, Victoria

Dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s Australian visa has been approved and the artist is expected to arrive in time for the opening of the National Gallery of Victoria’s summer blockbuster show Andy Warhol / Ai Weiwei​. Ai is due in Melbourne the week of the exhibition’s 11 December opening. The artist’s visit had been “confirmed […]

24 November 2015


Ai Weiwei Splits 400-Year-Old Ming Age Temple In Half

The Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei has divided a 400-year-old temple’s 1,500 worn, wooden pieces between two Beijing Galleries. According to Galleria Continua – which is jointly presenting the exhibition with Tang Contemporary Art – the solo exhibition, which concludes on 6 December – is the first time the Chinese artist has created and staged […]

19 November 2015


Ai Weiwei Creates And Presents Stockholm Impact Award

The Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei has collaborated with the Stockholm Film Festival for the third consecutive year – except, of course – it is the first time that the artist has been able to attend in person. Ai sent the art installation The Chair of Nonattendance to the film festival in 2013 as a […]

13 November 2015


Ai Weiwei: Human Rights Considered ‘Dirty Words’ By UK Politicians

The dissident artist and human right activist Ai Weiwei has criticised British government policy towards nations with tarnished human rights records, reports The Times. Ai was speaking ahead of the launch of his ‘wearable art’ series at London’s Elisabetta Cipriani gallery. The renowned artist attacked British politicians for compromising their values for ‘short term gains’. […]