13 November 2022

New York In November: Alex Katz – Edward Hopper And More – Ilka Scobie

Decades ago, when I lived in Soho, a familiar sight was the sweatshirt-hooded Alex Katz on his daily early morning jog.

11 May 2022

6 January 2020

27 September 2017


19 October 2016


Alex Katz Collaborates With H&M To Create Fashion And Houseware Range

The NY artist Alex Katz, whose flat painting style has been popular for over six decades is designing a range of clothing and housewares for the Swedish chain H&M.

10 June 2016

Alex Katz Drive-by Art: An Exploitation of Flatness By Edward Lucie-Smith

Alex Katz (b. 1927) is a senior figure, in all senses of that term, in the American art world, but perhaps not quite such a big deal here in London as some of this compatriots and contemporaries. If you are Jasper Johns (b. 1930) you get the Courtauld Gallery, side by side with major Impressionists and Old Masters. If you are Chuck […]

7 March 2015


Alex Katz On Black Backgrounds and His Relationship With Poetry

Artlyst met up with the American Artist Alex Katz, on the eve of the opening of his latest show ‘Black Paintings,’ at the Timothy Taylor Gallery,

1 March 2015


Alex Katz In Conversation: On Process, Monochrome and Nude Models

Artlyst had the pleasure of joining the American Artist Alex Katz, on the eve of the opening of his latest show ‘Black Paintings,’ at the Timothy Taylor Gallery, in London, last week. This also featured a talk with the Director of the Whitechapel Gallery, Iwona  Blazwick and a Q&A session which we will be publishing […]

19 February 2015


Alex Katz: Still An Awe Inspiring Bundle Of Energy At 87

Artlyst’s Ilka Scobie talks to one of the world’s most influential artists about his upcoming London exhibition and other stuff! As we approach the Soho loft of Alex Katz, Ada, his beautiful wife (and his most documented portrait subject) is busting out of the cast-iron building into the winter cold for some local food shopping.  […]

8 September 2012


Alex Katz Will His Work Stand The Test Of Time – Review

Frank O’Hara, poet-friend of Alex Katz, wrote a poem called “having a coke with you”, in which he talks about how a recent beloved is better than all the paintings he has ever seen. “And the portrait show seems to have no faces in it at all, just paint/you suddenly wonder why anyone in ever […]

2 August 2012


Alex Katz Exhibition Moves To Turner Contemporary Margate

Alex Katz  Give Me Tomorrow is moving from Tate St Ives to the Turner Contemporary in Margate, this autumn. Katz, now in his 85th year, is one of the most significant artists of his generation with a far-reaching influence over many of today’s most successful contemporary artists. Katz’s work is also to be exhibited at […]

6 May 2012


Tate Retrospective For Key Painter Alex Katz

Born in 1927 in Brooklyn, New York, Alex Katz is one of the most important and respected living American artists. In July 2012 Katz celebrates his 85th birthday, and a career that spans a remarkable six decades: to mark this monumental occasion, the Tate St Ives Summer Exhibition 2012 will bring together over 30 of […]