11 April 2022


NFTs Hog The Headlines But Traditional Fine Art Sales Outperform Due To Digital Auctions

Love them or loathe them, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have now established their place in the art world firmament and, in doing so, have hogged the headlines.

19 September 2021

Rebound Ramblings: New York City Art Week 2021 RoundUp – Ilka Scobie

With major as well as offbeat art fairs, ranging from the Armory at the massive Javits Center (where I last went for my Covid vaccination) to tiny storefronts selling transgressive signage

16 February 2019


Frieze LA Week Art, Mud And Rain – Paul Carter Robinson

Day One Frieze LA: Rain! Some things are just out of our control. This was torrential rain sheets of water like you see in the tropics.

12 February 2016


Ten Small Steps To Emerging In The Global Art World

All professional artists, at some point in their careers want to achieve the ultimate accolade and that prize is the coveted solo exhibition.  Solo exhibitions are a key factor in establishing both the reputation of an artist and also establishing a market for the artist’s work.  Whether you are a painter, sculptor or photographer in […]

11 February 2014


Art Fairs: Must Galleries Adapt To Function In A Booming Market

According to ArtForum there will be nearly sixty international art fairs taking place in 2014. And there must be hundreds of other fairs around the world too. They are everywhere, and whilst not a new phenomenon their numbers have increased inexorably since the end of the 1990s. The art world has become increasingly globalised during […]