10 December 2020


Aachoo! New Banksy COVID Mural Unveiled In Bristol

A new mural by the elusive graffiti artist Banksy has appeared on a house in Bristol. It depicts an elderly woman coughing her false teeth out

16 June 2019

Keith Haring: A Sign Of The Times – Tate Liverpool – Alice Lenkiewicz

The highly anticipated first UK exhibition of Keith Haring’s work has opened at Tate Liverpool. It is vast, covering most aspects of his work and career. This was my first experience seeing so many pieces by this seminal figure from the 1980s,’ in the flesh, so I was curious to learn more about the man.

5 August 2017


Word On The Street – British Graffiti Art In Focus

Is an indigenous rock painting showing off the number of kills any different to a rebellious teenager taking his girl to their local make-out spot where he declares his love to her spray-painted in crude bright colours the night before?

15 April 2014


Banksy Returns To Britain With Two Controversial Wall Murals

Banksy, the best known of all of the British street artists has been busy at work. He has released his first new mural on his website, since his New York month of art, where he released a piece a day in October. The first depicts two lovers in a dark doorway which is lit by […]

7 November 2013


Justin Bieber Rio Graffiti: Art Or Just Another Random Tag

The latest story breaking out of Rio de Janeiro concerns the baby faced pop star Justin Bieber, who has allegedly been charged by police with the minor offence of defacing a public building with graffiti. Although this is a crime punishable with up to one year in prison, it is unlikely that the incident will be […]

6 July 2013


Artist Mathieu Tremblin Creates Trompe l’oeil Getty Images Watermark Mural

Graffiti just got a bit more creative! French artist Mathieu Tremblin has created a trompe l’oeil painting of a watermarked Getty Images logo. The work of art recently appeared on a carpark wall in the south of France and has since gone viral. The artist was born in Le Mans in 1980. He lives and […]

29 March 2013


New Banksy Style Stations Of The Cross Mural Appears For Easter

A new Banksy style mural located in the London Bridge area has been unveiled for Easter. Already nicknamed, ‘The Stations of the Cross’ the mural shows Christ carrying the cross while police taser him and the paparazzi photograph him, in his suffering. This work of art definitely shares the hallmarks of a genuine Banksy, however […]

19 July 2011


Graffiti Artist TOX JAILED FOR 27 MONTHS

Banksy Mural questions, Are Tags Graffiti art?  Tag artist, Daniel Halpin 24, of Camden, North London who was Immortalised by Banksy in a mural last spring, was jailed at Blackfriars Crown Court on Friday following a trial where he was found guilty of seven counts of criminal damage. Halpin, who sprayed graffiti in London and […]

18 July 2011


Banksy Graffiti To Get Listed Status In Bristol

Steve Comer, a Liberal Democrat councillor from the Eastville ward in Bristol, is calling on local people to put together an official register of public artworks, after a 10-year-old Banksy mural  ‘Gorilla in a Pink Mask’’ was whitewashed over by mistake. The painting on the wall of a former social club had been a familiar […]

20 November 2010


Banksy Favorite For Oscar 2011

It has been reported that Exit Through the Gift Shop, the Banksy documentary that was released earlier this year is now seen as a strong contender for the award for best documentary. The film has already been nominated for a BAFTA, named documentary of the year by the Online Film Critics Society and was runner […]