8 February 2022


Tate Permanently Removes Sackler Name From Buildings – Picasso Guernica Tapestry Returns To UN – Henry Darger Estate Rights Dispute

Tate has backtracked under public pressure and will now remove the existing Sackler names from two of its London museums. The disgraced philanthropic Sackler family were the manufacturers of the highly addictive opioid drug OxyContin, which they marketed through Purdue Pharma, a family-owned private company. Over 500,000 deaths have been recorded in the US alone […]

23 January 2021

Outsider Art: Henry Darger A Hidden Artistry Evolved Into Music

Henry Darger was born in 1892 in Chicago, Illinois, he led a very isolated life and had no close relatives to speak of.

22 September 2015

Art Works As Memos From The Past: Paris/Barcelona Gallery Roundup

What better place to begin an art vacation than with a visit to one of the 20th Century’s most contentious and influential sculptures at the Centre George Pompidou? The slippery slope of the readymade set in action by Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain (featured in the Pompidou’s Modern art gallery space) and its history did not surface […]