16 November 2022

Emma Witter: A Moveable Feast Portman Estate Marylebone – Nico Kos Earle

‘A Moveable Feast’  is a presentation at of small sculpture and digital prints by the artist Emma Witter at The Portman Estate in Marylebone.

30 August 2022


Spencer Tunick: The Naked Facts – Artlyst Interview With Paul Carter Robinson

The work of artist Spencer Tunick defies genres by transforming both landscapes and the human form into powerful artworks.

Richard Wilson 20:50 Significant Works First Created 1987 – Sue Hubbard

Richard Wilson 20:50: Nearly one-hundred-and-five years after Marcel Duchamp’s porcelain urinal was daubed with the pseudonym ‘R..Mutt.’

15 December 2019

Baseera Khan: A Compelling Body Of Work – Isa Freeling

Walking into the Simone Subal Gallery on the lower east side, which was once ironically a hub for immigrants, I am taken aback by the beautiful work in front of me. From an aesthetic point of view alone, the sculptures of “Snake Skin,” an installation by Baseera Khan, an artist and a visiting faculty member at Bennington College in Vermont (my alma mater), holds one’s gaze in observation.

4 December 2018

Chiharu Shiota:  Immersive Elegant Scarlet Threads – Blain|Southern – Edward Lucie-Smith

Today London’s official art world is full of enthusiasm for so-called ‘minority art’, made by artists of guaranteed ‘minority origin’. On the whole, however, the artists so defined and officially promoted don’t come from Asia.

29 January 2014

Nina Canell: New Exhibition Explores Connections That Make Up Our Environment

Nina Canell’s current show, ‘Near Here’, at the Camden Arts Centre explores the connections that make up our environment. Canell’s work recalls the legacy of Duchamp’s ready-mades, and she uses objects like cables, nails, steel, gum, and carpets to assemble her pieces. Though the gallery is fairly small for an exhibition space, the sculptures are […]

11 May 2013

Installation Art : A Look At Nine Of London’s Current Best

Paul Carey-Kent explores Londons top exhibitions of Installation Art.   You could argue that the main point of going to a gallery is to see the installation, as a combination of art fairs and the Internet might give you a fair idea of the works in the show, but not of how it all fits […]

27 January 2013


Richard Emmanuel And His Remarkable Church Of Installation Art

Art Is A Language, A Visual Language: Jack Castle uncovers an endangered masterpiece of Installation Art in Gloucester MA. From what I can make of it the 60s was a very odd time. Enormous and contradictory movements abound, characterised by great promise, great change, but a great realisation of the inflexibility of certain structures. Sexual […]

29 September 2012


Spencer Tunick’s Return To Israel Highlights Dead Sea Plight

The artist photographer Spencer Tunick has returned to Israel for a new, installation, to highlight the Dead Sea’s decline. Last year Tunick was awarded a special prize by environmental organisations in the country for environmental sustainability. Over 1,000 nude models took part in his 2011 shoot at the Dead Sea, which was an international success. […]