21 November 2022


Cult Film Director John Waters Donates Personal Art Collection To BMA

Cult-film director John Waters famous for his groundbreaking flicks, Pink Flamingos and Hairspray, has donated 372 works of art to the BMA

12 November 2020


John Waters Gift To Baltimore Museum – Spain’s Latest Horrific Art Restoration – CINOA Begs UNESCO For Art Trade Cooperation

An Open Letter From CINOA Congratulates UNESCO for their 50-year anniversary of the 1970 Convention but pleads for better representation of the facts and better cooperation for the art trade

5 February 2014


John Waters Exhibits Photographic Essays and Narrative Sculptures In Berlin

One of the most celebrated directors in American independent cinema, John Waters is at his vibrant best when flaunting Hollywood’s rules or reveling in bad taste. The director of Pink Flamingos (1972) and Pecker (1998) brings the same wit and audacity to the art gallery. Perched upon his Bad Director’s Chair, Waters has cast his […]