10 April 2021


Modus Operandi What Makes Successful Public Art: Vivien Lovell Interviewed By Revd Jonathan Evens 

Founded in 1999, Modus Operandi, an independent arts unit with a track record of curating and producing high-quality art in the public realm, recently celebrated its 21st birthday.

11 February 2018

Antony Gormley’s Angel of the North Sculpture Turns Twenty

Since spreading its wings in February 1998, Antony Gormley’s The Angel of the North has become one of the most talked about and recognisable pieces of public art in the UK.

17 August 2015


Antony Gormley’s Event Horizon To Be Displayed In Hong Kong

Antony Gormley’s signature statues that the artist perches atop of buildings are soon to be installed in Hong Kong this November, the South China Morning Post reports, more than a year after their display was cancelled after a trader for global bank J. P. Morgan jumped to his death from a building in the city. […]

22 December 2014


There’s A Giant Floating Head Over Japan

Just over 60 miles north of Tokyo, in the sky over Utsunomiya, there floats a giant head. Yes, a giant head, which appears to be of a gigantic middle-aged man. It is a phenomenon that has caused quite a stir among the local residents. The mysterious object was nearly 50 feet long and 23 feet […]

25 November 2014


Major New Public Sculpture By Ryan Gander For East Manchester

‘Dad’s Halo Effect’ will be a major new public sculpture in East Manchester by renowned contemporary artist Ryan Gander. Installed as the centrepiece to the Beswick community hub regeneration project in East of the city, this work will be based on an idea described to Gander by his father. Dad’s Halo Effect will be composed […]

30 October 2014


Artist Creates Huge Melting Wax House in London

With a sizeable piece of public art; the British artist Alex Chinneck has created a two-story house made from wax in the London area of Southwark The site specific work is part of the Merge Festival 2014, Design Boom reports. The work is titled ‘A pound of flesh for 50p’ and built by the artist […]

21 October 2014


New Banksy ‘Girl With The Pierced Eardrum’ Defaced In Bristol

A day after a Banksy hoax reporting that the acclaimed street artist had been arrested; another of the artist’s public works have been vandalised. Banksy’s recreation of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring re-named; ‘Girl with the Pierced Eardrum’, has been attacked hours after it was unveiled. The Bristol based artist’s interpretation […]

22 September 2014


Campaigners Ask Local Support To Keep Cheltenham Banksy Spy Booth

Campaigners in Cheltenham are asking for the community’s support in trying to keep Banksy’s Spy Booth mural – despite its recent vandalism. Hekmat Kaveh, a local businessman, has submitted an application to the planning department of the borough council to preserve the work displayed on the side of a grade two listed building. Yet art […]

15 September 2014


London Commuters Turn Art Viewers For David Lachapelle’s Public Photography Project.

Ten images from David Lachapelle’s ‘Refineries and Gas’ series have suddenly appeared on the top of bus stops in Central London, between Somerset House on the Strand and Trafalgar Square. The photographs were created using scale models made out of everyday objects, and are designed to be viewed from the top deck of a double-decker […]

11 September 2014


Dallas Art Park Displays World Trade Center Beam Sculpture

Thirteen years ago today, the world was changed forever by the terror attacks on the United States that brought down the World Trade Center, and shaped the contemporary world, and hence arts response to it. There is now a new centre-piece of the new Twelfth Street Art Park,  in Dallas USA – a creation of […]

18 November 2011


Rodin Sculpture Up For Grabs

Rodin’s Houses of Parliament sculpture in ownership mystery Rodin’s sculpture ‘The Burghers of Calais’ has stood in Westminster outside the Houses of Parliament for nearly 100 years – certainly long enough to become a familiar feature of the area. However, this imposing public artwork is, in 2011, the subject to something of a mystery as […]