Dallas Art Park Displays World Trade Center Beam Sculpture

Thirteen years ago today, the world was changed forever by the terror attacks on the United States that brought down the World Trade Center, and shaped the contemporary world, and hence arts response to it.

There is now a new centre-piece of the new Twelfth Street Art Park,  in Dallas USA – a creation of Ralph Isenberg, owner of the property. An area of ground in Oak Cliff which now bears a torn beam salvaged from the twin towers’ fallen rubble.

The beam is on display near 12th Street and Madison Avenue. Called 9/11 Sculpture Project #2, the work is the creation of metal artist Jim Gallucci. It is also the centerpiece of the new Twelfth Street Art Park, which is the creation of Ralph Isenberg. Gallucci built a sculpture for Isenberg with fallen World Trade Center steel some 5 years ago. The piece was called ‘The Gates’, and was dedicated on Sept. 11, 2009. The artwork now stands in front of the Bank Tower at Oak Cliff, where Isenberg is the managing partner.

The sculptor was given 16 tons of salvaged Trade Center steel with stipulations that it be used for art and that he should not profit financially from it.
His latest 9/11 artwork is one of three steel sculptures he transported to Dallas for installation at the art park. All pieces will remain in the park indefinitely and are for sale, even the Trade Center beam creation. The artist and Isenberg have stated that proceeds from the sculptures sale would go toward construction of a permanent 9/11 sculpture, ideally in Dallas.

But for the time-being the sculpture stands as a haunting memorial, a poignant piece of local art reflecting a tragedy that resonated throughout the world.


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