7 January 2021


Richard Long: A Line Made By Walking 1967 – Significant Works – Sue Hubbard

In 1967, Richard Long a young Bristol artist made a line in the grass of a field by walking backwards and forwards and called it A LINE MADE BY WALKING.

10 December 2018

Richard Long: The Tide is High – Edward Lucie-Smith

There can be no doubt that Richard Long is one of the giants of British art. Or so a very impressive curriculum vitae would lead one to suppose. He is now in his early 70s. He made his reputation almost half-a-century ago, as what was then called a Land Artist

28 April 2017

Richard Long At Houghton Hall Norfolk An Inspired Pairing

Richard Long, the four-times Turner Prize nominee and one-time winner (1989), is one of the leading figures of conceptual and land art. His latest exhibition at Houghton Hall in Norfolk is an inspired pairing. The location flawlessly blends his work in terms of scale, locality and sentiment. Each piece is given space to breathe and […]

10 October 2016

Richard Long Exhibits At The Judd Foundation In New York

“Richard was busy doing these pieces, and a trail of mud was going to the basement,”  said Flavin Judd, curator of the Judd foundation. Created by American minimalist pioneer, Donald Judd, the Foundation is housed in the corner cast iron Soho building where the artist and his family lived. The upper floors preserve Judd’s self-designed furniture, his archives and working space. With […]

25 August 2016

Marina Abramovic, Richard Long, And Dorothy Cross At Modern Art Oxford

‘It’s Me to the World’ is Modern Art Oxford’s fourth exhibition and iteration of KALEIDOSCOPE, a celebration of 50 years as an internationally acclaimed gallery. The exhibition features works by Marina Abramović, Mohammed Qasim Ashfaq, Dorothy Cross, Richard Long, Agnes Martin, Otobong Nkanga, Yoko Ono, Hannah Rickards, and Richard Long. Upon entering the gallery the […]

13 August 2016


Photo Feature: Richard Long Walking A Labyrinth At Modern Art Oxford

Modern Art Oxford is soon to unveil its fourth exhibition ‘It’s Me to the World’ in KALEIDOSCOPE, a celebration of 50 years as an internationally acclaimed gallery. The latest iteration will feature works by Marina Abramović, Mohammed Qasim Ashfaq, Dorothy Cross, Richard Long, Agnes Martin, Otobong Nkanga, Yoko Ono and Hannah Rickards. But the work […]

31 July 2015


Turner Prize Winner Richard Long Opens Major Exhibition At Arnolfini Bristol

Arnolfini Centre for Contemporary Arts in Bristol announces a major new exhibition of work by Richard Long. Part of the programme celebrating Bristol’s year as European Green Capital, TIME AND SPACE includes several new works and recreations of previous works that have been made for this exhibition, and it’s accompanied by a new publication. Richard […]

6 July 2015


Richard Long Presents New Work On The Downs In Bristol

Richard Long was born in Bristol and has lived locally since 1945. The artist spent his early years living in Clifton, and as a child he sought out the Downs, Avon Gorge and countryside close by. He has talked about the physical connection with nature and freedom that he felt as a boy playing in […]

3 May 2015


Art Interventions In The Natural World: An Outmoded Act Of Vanity?

After the recent arrest of Marco Evaristti in Iceland, when local landowners accused him of vandalism after the Danish-Chilean artist dyed the Strokkur geyser pink, Artlyst questions the morality of the artist appropriating nature as a canvas. Was this act a harmless intervention? or is it a signifier of our ever-growing dislocation from the natural […]

20 March 2015


Richard Long Presented Whitechapel Gallery Art Icon By Edmund de Waal

The Turner Prize winning British artist Richard Long was awarded the Whitechapel Gallery Art Icon Award, at a gala dinner at Banking Hall in the City of London. Surrounded by artists and art world luminaries, Long was presented the award on the night by Edmund de Waal, honouring the lifetime achievement of one of our […]

5 February 2015


Richard Long: The Spike Island Tapes At Alan Cristea Gallery

The ‘Spike Island Tapes’ is Richard Long’s first solo exhibition at the Alan Cristea Gallery, where the artist is presenting a new series of monumental carborundum relief prints. Not only does this new body of work mark the first time Long has used this medium, but they are the largest prints the artist has ever […]

19 January 2015


Richard Long Elected Second Whitechapel Gallery Art Icon

The Whitechapel Gallery Art Icon honours the lifetime achievements of one of the UK’s greatest artists, Richard Long. The award will be presented at a special gala dinner hosted by Whitechapel Gallery Director Iwona Blazwick OBE on 19 March 2015. Richard Long makes sculptures, photographs and text works documenting his journeys around the world, from […]

20 August 2014


Richard Long and Other Acclaimed International Artists Walk On To Plymouth

This autumn, ‘Walk On’: From Richard Long to Janet Cardiff – 40 Years of Art Walking’ ends its major tour in Plymouth. This will be the last chance for people to see this acclaimed exhibition, which gives an insight into the recent art practice of nearly 40 different artists – all of whom have used […]

12 June 2014

Ai Weiwei And Richard Long Conceptual vs The Physical Qualities Of Materials

Threaded throughout the Lisson gallery’s mission statement, its essays on exhibited artists Ai Weiwei and Richard Long, is that very problematic and fluffy term ‘Conceptualism’: We’re a conceptual gallery, showing conceptual artists making conceptual artworks. It’s a jarring term signifying works where the root or source of the ‘art’ content is non-physical, an intangible brainchild […]

11 February 2014


Ai Weiwei and Richard Long Exhibitions In London For Spring

Following his major retrospective in Miami, the Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei will pair with the British sculptor Richard Long to exhibit side by side at the Lisson gallery in May. Mr Ai positions himself in and out of his Beijing studio as a cultural arbiter. Compelled by a sense of social conscience, his artistic […]

23 December 2012


Angela Flowers London Gallerist At 80 A Career Celebration

Angela Flowers, who celebrated her 80th birthday this month with ‘Angela Flowers at 80’, a survey of the work of selected of artists associated with the gallery from its humble beginnings, to the present day, is finally getting the acknowledgement she deserves. As one of the leading contemporary art dealers in the UK. She established […]

21 May 2012


Richard Long Artist Rooms Comes To Hepworth Wakefield

Coming soon to The Hepworth Wakefield is an exhibition by Richard Long, one of Britain’s most significant artists. Extending the gallery’s continuing interest in debating the relationship between art and the rural and industrial landscape, the exhibition consists of works from the collection of Anthony d’Offay and loans from Tate and the National Museum of […]

5 March 2012

Tracing Lines of Thought At Parasol Unit

Lines of Thought @ Parasol Unit – REVIEW ‘Lines of Thought’ is the current exhibition at Parasol Unit (that beautiful space in Angel with brick walls and high ceilings), and presents an ensemble of work from 15 contemporary artists, from the 1960s to the present, each of whom use line in innovative and imaginative ways. […]

8 February 2012


Can Contemporary Artists Draw, Asks Parasol Unit

Upcoming exhibition at Parasol Unit will examine the role of line in work of contemporary artists A new exhibition at Parasol Unit will explore the work of 15 contemporary artists, whose work centres on using line in creatively challenging ways. Throughout the history of art, line as a basic element of artistic expression has been used […]