Surrealism’s Alternative History The 59th Venice Biennale – Nico Kos Earle

The Venice Biennale sparks surreal conversations between past and present in ‘Milk of Dreams’, curated by Cecilia Alemani

24 May 2021

Eileen Agar: A Surrealist Trailblazer Whitechapel Gallery – Sue Hubbard

As a new young arts writer, I once went to Eileen Agar’s flat in Kensington. I honestly didn’t know who she was at that time. The flat was quite conventional, except for a few collages on the walls and her famous Bouillabaisse hat – constructed of cork and decorated with a large orange plastic flower, a blue plastic star, assorted shells, glass beads and starfish – sitting on a stand.

2 March 2019


Dorothea Tanning The Doors of Perception – Tate Modern – Jude Cowan Montague

Dorothea Tanning is the artist, face hidden to me back then, who drew and painted a short series of paintings that I have loved since a child.

6 January 2018

John Piper Primaeval Haunting Surrealism – Tate Liverpool – Alice Lenkiewicz

There is something very exciting about John Piper’s early works at Tate Liverpool.

20 August 2015


Richard Saltoun Gallery Surveys The Career Of Surrealist Artist Pierre Molinier

Richard Saltoun Gallery announces a solo exhibition of the career and unorthodox life of French Surrealist artist Pierre Molinier (b. 1900, Agen – 1976, Bordeaux). Pierre Moliner – the man and the painter, the genius and the pervert, the ‘lesbienne’ and the guns lover – is not an easy figure to pin down. Existing on […]

22 August 2013


Surrealism And The Rue Blomet Explored In New York Exhibition

This Autumn, Eykyn Maclean will present Surrealism and the rue Blomet.  This is the first exhibition to explore the rue Blomet, one of the founding centers of the Surrealist movement.  “In Paris in the 1920s, the rue Blomet was a hotbed of artistic activity,” explains the curator, Kristy Bryce, director at Eykyn Maclean.  “Nearly all […]

25 June 2013

Paul Delvaux Surrealist Master Of Tableaux With Neoclassical References

“I would like to create a fabulous painting I which I would live, in which I could live” – Paul Delvaux (1897-1994) There is a theatrical quality to work of Paul Delvaux where he choreographs narratives of melancholia and eroticism with scenes mostly inhabited by naked women. These strange, but appealing, surreal worlds are occupied […]

20 May 2013


Paul Delvaux Belgian Surrealist Painter Major New London Exhibition

Blain|Di Donna are presenting an exhibition of paintings and drawings by the Belgian artist Paul Delvaux. Curated in close collaboration with the Paul Delvaux Foundation, it brings together over twenty oil paintings and works on paper that date from the mid-1930s to the mid-1960s, and is the first ever solo show of the artist’s work […]

2 February 2012


Dorothea Tanning Surrealist Artist And Wife Of Max Ernst Dies Aged 101

Dorothea Tanning was a leading Surrealist painter during the 1930s. She married Max Ernst in 1946 and was part of a circle of artists who were considered Avant Garde in Europe and America. 

26 May 2011


Leonora Carrington The Last First Wave Surrealist Dies At 94

Leonora Carrington 6 April 1917 – 25 May 2011 was a British-born Mexican artist, painter, sculptor, writer, alchemist, visionary