Venice To London May 2022 Diary – Revd Jonathan Evens

Several exhibitions/installations in Venice during the 59th Biennale re-situate key works or themes from Christianity’s historic engagement with the Arts, in some cases overlaying biblical narrative onto the present.

8 July 2020

National Gallery Re-Opening What to Expect – Edward Lucie-Smith

The National Gallery is re-opening its doors, somewhat in advance of the Tates. The Titian show of mythological paintings made for Philp II of Spain is once again available, though it isn’t continuing on to Scotland.

Great Artworks Explained A New Video Series By James Payne

This is a new series by Artist/historian James Payne demystifying great works of art. We will be adding to this page as the content is produced.

15 February 2020

Caravaggio / Bernini: Baroque Wonderment Vivacity And Horror – Sue Hubbard

Most great artistic movements begin as a reaction to the art and times that precede them. Impressionism in the 19th century. Surrealism, Dadaism and the YBAs in the 20th c. Baroque began in Rome around 1600 in response to the austere 17th-century Protestant culture of the Netherlands.

4 December 2019

Vienna’s Spectacular Exhibitions Of Durer, Caravaggio and Bernini – Paul Carter Robinson

Vienna knows how to produce a blockbuster, and this Autumn/Winter season they have mounted two. For the first time in nearly twenty years, a new exhibition of Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528) has opened at Vienna’s Albertina Museum, while a beautifully curated show bookends this at the Kunsthistorisches Museum entitled Caravaggio and Bernini.

3 March 2019


Lost Caravaggio Judith: Is This Painting Another Salvator Mundi?

A long lost painting attributed to Caravaggio which languished in a chateau attic in France for over 100 years is touring art market capitals and then going under the hammer at La Halle aux Grains in Toulouse, in June.

6 November 2016


Was Caravaggio A Good Christian? By Revd Jonathan Evens St Stephen Walbrook

Caravaggio – “What a man! What a painter, but what a man and what a believer.” Those are the words of François Bousquet, Rector of San Luigi dei Francesi in Rome, the church which, in the stunning Contarelli Chapel, houses the magnificent paintings which formed Caravaggio’s first major commission and made his reputation. Bousquet makes his assertion in the introductory film […]

12 October 2016


Caravaggio Revealed At Centre Of Wildenstein Money-laundering Trial

Whilst a major exhibition by the Italian Renaissance painter Caravaggio prepares to launch at the National Gallery in London, the Wildenstein money-laundering trial involving a key painting by Caravaggio continues in Paris. The Painting which is now in storage in Switzerland complicates issues around the estate of Daniel Wildenstein, Guy Wildenstein’s father.

17 January 2015


Caravaggio Misattribution Lawsuit: Court Clears Sotheby’s Of Professional Negligence

The court case involving a painting by the Italian baroque master Caravaggio, which Sotheby’s sold for a fraction of its value has been dismissed by a judge in London. The painting was sold in 2006 fro £42,000 and is thought to be worth around £10m. The Former owner Bill Thwaytes, of Penrith in Cumbria, had […]

2 January 2015


Caravaggio Painting Takes Centerstage At Christie’s Old Masters Sale

One of the earliest example of a painting by Caravaggio titled, ‘Boy Peeling a Fruit’ dating from 1591 will go under the hammer on 28 January at Christie’s New York. The painting is similar to one of the centrepieces of the Royal Collection Trust belonging to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The Royal example was […]

27 October 2014


New Caravaggio Masterpiece Found – Claims Italian Art Historian

It would seem that the long-lost original of Caravaggio’s ‘Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy’ has been identified by one of the foremost experts on the artist, the Independent reports. The owners of the work, who live in an unspecified European country, contacted Gregori earlier this year, as they suspected the painting might be a Caravaggio but […]

27 October 2014


Sotheby’s In High Court Over Alleged Misattribution Of Caravaggio

A highly contentious dispute has some of the world’s most prominent Caravaggio experts lining up to take sides in high court; due to an argument over a painting bought for £140 some five decades ago. Sotheby’s is being sued over claims that the auctioneer misattributed a work titled ‘The Cardsharps’ to a follower of Caravaggio […]