29 July 2017

Donald Trump Drawing Sells For £22,000 At Auction In LA

Is Donald Trump a better artist than George W Bush? This is a question on many peoples lips this morning! Now, an original drawing by the US President Donald Trump depicting the Manhattan skyline, with Trump Tower smack in the middle has gone under the hammer in Los Angeles achieving $29,184 (£22,000).

13 March 2017

George W Bush: Being A Bad President Doesn’t Necessarily Make You A Bad Painter

George W Bush’s is painting again and this time the joke seems to be over. He is not only getting rave reviews but his book of paintings published on February 28, is currently top of The Washington Post’s list of best sellers.

17 September 2016


George W. Bush To Publish Book Of His Veteran Portrait Paintings

The former US President George W. Bush is to publish a book of his work. Portraits of Courage will be published by Crown on Feb. 28, 2017. It will feature paintings of veterans with all proceeds going to a non-profit veterans organisation. The President who signs all of his work with a trademark ’43’ (he was the 43rd President of the United […]

28 March 2016

Leon Golub: Heroes and Villains Still Raw and Brutally Existent

Leon Golub was a hero to some. In the fifties, his figurative work went against the grain when abstraction was de rigueur in the art world. In the sixties, his Vietnam and Napalm series of paintings, raw and brutally existent, were condemnations of the war. Then, in the mid-70’s, a creative crisis set in, perhaps brought on by the end […]

25 August 2015


Artlyst Photo Special: Josh Kline Creates Dystopian Teletubbies At Modern Art Oxford

Modern Art Oxford is currently presenting a menacing and dystopian environment created by artist Josh Kline in the exhibition ‘Freedom’, the first solo exhibition in the UK by the 35-year-old New York-based artist. This exhibition includes an installation from which the exhibition takes its title including some rather sinister characters. Image: Josh Kline Freedom, 2015 […]

28 December 2014


Adolf Hitler vs Winston Churchill Who Was The Better Artist?

With the former US President George W. Bush admitted that he may not be “a great painter” – yet still exhibiting more than 24 portraits of world leaders that he met

2 May 2013


George W Bush Joins David Hockney In Creating Tablet Art

This week former president George W  Bush dedicated his library and Museum to the US nation. It has become an American tradition, to build a museum where documents and presidential papers are stored for posterity.  The library and museum, along with Bush’s policy institute, are housed in the George W. Bush Presidential Center. It is […]

16 March 2013


George W. Bush May Exhibit Nude Self-portraits In Florida Art Exhibition

What does George W. Bush, Winston Churchill, Prince Charles and Adolf Hitler have in common? Answer: All were keen amateur painters. Dubya. may not be the most original of painters but Bonnie Flood, Bush’s current art teacher said; “He started off painting dogs. I think he said he painted 50 dogs. He pulled out this […]