24 July 2020


UK Guidelines Exempt Masks In Museums, Galleries And Auction Houses 

Beginning today under new guidelines that have come into force in England, people will need to wear a face-covering in shopping centres, banks, shops and supermarkets but what about museums, galleries and auction houses?

23 June 2020


UK Museums And Galleries May Reopen From 4 July

Museums and galleries will be allowed to reopen in England from 4 July. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced measures easing the coronavirus restrictions in place since March.

17 June 2019


UK Museums Now Protected From Court-Ordered Seizure For Loaned Artworks 

UK Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright has vowed to protect objects on loan from abroad in temporary exhibitions in UK museums from seizure by the UK courts.

14 December 2018

Christmas in London Museum Guide 2018 – What’s Open, What’s Closed

For the 2018 Christmas holiday period, Artlyst has produced a helpful guide to the closing times of the major London museums and galleries. 

21 December 2017

London Christmas Museum Guide 2017 – What’s Open, What’s Closed

Artlyst has produced a helpful guide to the closing times of the major London museums and galleries during Christmas 2017 holiday period.

15 June 2017


Qatar Boycott: Will It Marginalise The Region’s Cultural Renaissance?

Last October I was in Doha the capital of Qatar which seemed like a well-oiled machine when it came to Art, Education, and Culture.

25 January 2017

Anti-Trump Woman’s March Artefacts – Museums Ask Public For Donations

A number of UK museums and archives have asked the public to donate placards, photographs, and artifacts from the recent Women’s protest march against Donald Trump, which took place last weekend.

19 July 2016


Out of London: Best UK Regional Exhibitions This Summer

If you’re planning on leaving the metropolis for your staycation, Artlyst has put together a selection of the best UK shows outside of London.  The main event over the summer has to be the Liverpool Biennial. Across the city there are events and newly commissioned artworks, which this year are based on the theme of Liverpool’s […]

24 June 2016


Brexit: Expect Museums To Start Charging And Non-UK Art Prices To Skyrocket

The decision by British voters to leave the European Union has been announced – and commentators have begun the analysis, the post event combing over of where the losing campaign went wrong.  The art world thrives on interchange and currency; Britain has the third largest art market in the world, and more than 7,800 British […]

17 March 2016


Tax Relief For Temporary or Touring Exhibitions Announced In Latest Budget

The chancellor George Osborne has announced in his budget that Museums and galleries are to get tax relief to help cover the costs of developing temporary or touring exhibitions. He also stated that museum VAT refunds will be extended to all museums and galleries that offer free entry. A consultation into the tax relief for temporary and touring exhibition […]

25 November 2013


Global Art Conservation Project For Museums Opens For Applications

The 2014 global Art Conservation Project is open for applications. Submissions are welcome from non-profit arts and cultural institutions that have significant works of art, across all media, requiring conservation. Submission deadline is 17 January 2014. The Art Conservation Project is a unique programme that provides grants to non-profit museums throughout the world to conserve historically […]