3 February 2022


Van Gogh Self Portraits The Infinite And The Ordinary – Revd Jonathan Evens

In a letter to his brother Theo, Vincent Van Gogh wrote, ‘I’d like to paint men or women with that je ne sais quoi of the eternal,

15 December 2021

Courtauld Announces Van Gogh And Munch Exhibitions For 2022

The first-ever exhibition of Van Gogh’s self-portraits spanning his career and a significant collection of paintings by Edvard Munch, shown in the UK for the first time, will be the highlights of the newly reopened Courtauld Gallery’s 2022 exhibition programme.

10 November 2021


The Courtauld Gallery Reborn After Lavish Three Year Refurbishment 

The Courtauld Gallery, Somerset House opened their doors today to the press for a sneak preview after a three-year refurbishment and modernisation scheme.

30 September 2021


Courtauld Gallery Announces Reopening Dates – Frida Kahlo Trademark Dispute Dropped By US Court – Sonic Ray Installation Revives London’s Only Lighthouse 

Courtauld Gallery Announces Reopening Dates – Frida Kahlo Trademark Dispute Dropped By US Court – Sonic Ray Installation Revives London’s Only Lighthouse 

9 June 2021


Venice Biennale Announce Title and Theme – Monumental Kokoschka Triptych On Display At Relaunched Courtauld – QUEERCIRCLE New LGBTQ+ Community Space 

La Biennale di Venezia Announce Title and Theme – Monumental Kokoschka Triptych On Display At Relaunched Courtauld – QUEERCIRCLE New LGBTQ+ Community Space 

23 October 2017

Soutine Portraits Of The Inter-War Underclass Courtauld Gallery – Edward Lucie-Smith

This compact, high-quality exhibition at the Courtauld offers a fascinating sociological and psychological puzzle. Entitled Soutine’s Portraits, and subtitled Cooks, Waiters and Bellboys, it features members of the inter-war underclass

9 September 2016


Rodin And Dance Explored In New Courtauld Gallery Exhibition In October

The Courtauld Gallery is presenting Rodin & Dance: The Essence of Movement, the first major exhibition in the UK to explore Auguste Rodin’s fascination with dance and bodies captured in extreme acrobatic poses. This exhibition focuses on the remarkable series of small-scale experimental sculptures known as the Mouvement de danse (Dance Movements), which were unknown outside of the artist’s close circle. Rodin was inspired by […]

29 September 2015


Peter Lanyon’s Gliding Paintings To Open At The Courtauld Gallery

This major exhibition explores a remarkable and unprecedented series of paintings by Peter Lanyon, one of Britain’s most important and original Post-War artists. Lanyon (1918-64) sought to create a new vision of landscape painting for the modern era. He considered himself to be extending the landscape traditions of earlier artists, in particular Turner, whom he […]

5 August 2015


Bridget Riley: Learning From Seurat To Open At Courtauld Gallery

Bridget Riley (born 1931) is one of the leading artists of her generation. She rose to prominence in London in the 1960s with her bold vision for a new language of painting based upon repeated geometric forms. Although Riley’s work is often thought to epitomise a new spirit in painting, which was born of the […]

22 June 2015


Unfinished Works of Art Highlighted In New Courtauld Gallery Exhibition

The subject of unfinished works of art and why they are interesting enough to be displayed in a public gallery is the topic of a newly curated exhibition at the Courtauld Gallery. ‘Unfinished’ takes centre stage at the annual Summer Showcase which highlights some of the Courtauld’s outstanding permanent collection This special display focuses on the theme of […]

20 April 2015


Renaissance Modern: 16th Century Innovation To Open At Courtauld Gallery

The Gilbert and Ildiko Butler Drawings Gallery, a new space within the Courtauld Gallery, presents Renaissance Modern, a collection of cutting-edge 16th century drawings which define Renaissance innovation, curated by students of The Courtauld Institute of Art and The University of Manchester.The exhibition explores draughtsmanship in Italy and Northern Europe, unveiling work from The Courtauld’s […]

8 January 2015


Goya’s Witches And Old Women In Ground-breaking Exhibition

The Courtauld Gallery presents a ground-breaking exhibition of Francisco Goya’s later works, the exhibition reunites the widely scattered pages of Goya’s Witches and Old Women Album with subjects ranging from the humorous to the grotesque and sinister, as the artist explores human dreams and desires, madness and old age. The exhibition will, for the first […]

17 September 2014

Jasper Johns: Regrets – Love Loss And Fixation

The Courtauld Gallery presents ‘Jasper Johns: Regrets’; a display of new work by the internationally renowned octogenarian American artist. Johns made his reputation in the late 1950s with the iconic Flag and Target paintings which paved the way for the development of Pop Art. The exhibition showcases the artist’s most recent oeuvre of work, which Johns […]

25 September 2013

Richard Serra Drawings: A Sensitive Connection To Oneself

Few would expect a black and white reproduction of a still life by Cezanne to hang in Richard Serra’s bedroom. However that picture struck him years ago during a visit at the Courtauld Gallery. He remembers the strong physical reaction of the encounter, ‘making the hair at the back of his neck stand up’. Today […]

27 August 2013


Richard Serra Drawings Courtauld Gallery Exhibition Showcases New Work

Richard Serra is one of the most important and revered artists working today.  Rising to prominence on the New York art scene more than forty years ago, Serra (born 1938) is now celebrated internationally, notably for his unprecedented monumental steel sculptures and for his radical approach to drawing.  Richard Serra: Drawings for The Courtauld is […]

24 June 2013


Collecting Gauguin: A Glimpse Into Samuel Courtauld’s Collectors Eye in the ’20s

The Courtauld Gallery has one the most important collection of 19th and early 20th century paintings in the United Kingdom. The collection houses many works by the Post-Impressionist master Paul Gauguin (1848-1903). Assembled by the pioneering collector Samuel Courtauld (1876-1947), it includes major canvases and works on paper as well as one of only two […]

4 February 2013


Lucian Freud Bequeaths Masterpieces in lieu of tax To Nation

The Lucian Freud estate has bequeathed works by Degas and Corot to the nation, under the government’s acceptance in lieu of tax scheme. Freud died in 2011, setting out in his will that the works of art should be displayed for all to enjoy. The Corot portrait was purchased in 2001 from the collection of […]