26 December 2016


Top 10 – Appropriation Artworks

Appropriation art or the art of appropriation is the use of pre-existing objects or images with little or no transformation applied to them. Here is the Artlyst top ten most controversial works of Appropriation Art, and some of the court cases that followed.

20 December 2016


The Best Exhibitions Of 2016 – Chosen By Paul Black

Paul Black chooses his best exhibitions of 2016 and delves deeper than the blockbusters and often further afield from London.

28 August 2016


Richard Prince And Gagosian Sued By Makeup Artist Over Instagram Copyright infringement

Ashley Salazar, AKA Mynxii White is suing the artist Richard Prince and The Gagosian Gallery through the US District Court, in the Central District of California. The case revolves around a two-year-old photograph of the makeup artist who claims that Prince appropriated her intellectual property, without being consulted as the subject for a $100,000 work of art. The lawsuit was filed 15 […]

28 April 2016


Instagram’s Democratisation of Photography Is An Art-form Unto itself

From those as successful as Ai Weiwei, to children newly born, it seems that everyone has an Instagram account. That’s no surprise either. It is one of the biggest social media applications, and after being bought by Facebook for $1billion in 2012, it has only grown. Now receiving upwards of 400 million users per month. […]

21 April 2016

Richard Prince: The Joke Is In The ‘Re-telling’ At Sadie Coles HQ

Sadie Coles HQ is currently presenting an oeuvre of twelve works by the great American appropriation artist Richard Prince. ‘Cartoon Over Cartoon’ is a reprisal of the artist’s preoccupation with jokes and cartoons, and shares a relationship with the artist’s ‘Hippie Drawings’ from the late eighties. Prince’s practice is appropriation. As the inventor of Re-photography […]

14 April 2016


Richard Prince: Cartoon Over Cartoon, Painterly Appropriations At Sadie Coles HQ

Sadie Coles presents the master of appropriation Richard Prince, ‘Cartoon Over Cartoon’ is a reprisal of the artist’s work with jokes and cartoons via collage and the re-contextualisation of the nude in painting. As well as the artist’s infamy gained via the appropriation of images, and Prince’s creation of ‘Re-photography’, the artist has spent a […]

4 January 2016


Richard Prince And Larry Gagosian Sued In New Plagiarism Case

Donald Graham a professional photographer has sued the Gagosian Gallery, Larry Gagosian, and the artist Richard Prince. The case brought as a federal complaint was lodged on New Years eve.  The case relates to the unauthorised use of one of Mr Grham’s  images which depicts a Rastafarian Smoking a Joint. It appeared in the 2014 show “New Portraits”. The image was exhibited […]

6 September 2015


Recycling Hollywood Movie Iconography In Contemporary Art Explored In New Exhibition

The reimagining and recycling of Hollywood movie iconography in contemporary art, and the way that movies live on in our personal and cultural memories, are explored in the exhibition Walkers: Hollywood Afterlives in Art and Artifact, opening on November 7, 2015 at the Museum of the Moving Image NY. Organized by independent curator and scholar Robert M. Rubin, the exhibition includes 120 works of […]

3 July 2015


Richard Prince: 20 New Works Commissioned By Beirut Retail Magnate

It would seem that Tony Salamé – a retail magnate from Beirut – is having a personal effect on the cultural landscape of Lebanon. The founder of Aïshti, a luxury chain stocking the likes of Céline, Saint Laurent, Dior, and Balenciaga, is investing $100 million into a new 40,000 square-foot David Adjaye-designed contemporary art exhibition […]

22 June 2015


Richard Prince: Images Appropriated – Copyright Artlyst 2015 All Rights Reserved

Gagosian Gallery Davies Street is currently showing Richard Prince: New Portraits, a collection of appropriated images pulled from unsuspecting Instagramers accounts, including provocative ‘selfies’ and pseudo-glamour shots that decorate the walls of the gallery. The artist has continued his long-standing practice of appropriating images without permission to create his art, in this instance selling the […]

20 June 2015


Richard Prince Instagram Art: Australian Photographer Peter Coulson ‘violated’

An Australian photographer has attacked US artist Richard Prince over allegedly appropriating his work as part of the artist’s latest series of appropriated works, New Portraits. Prince’s controversial manner of working has caused the artist legal issues in the past. With his latest series Prince had used 37 Instagram images for his New Portraits, one […]

19 June 2015


Richard Prince: Instagram Art – Is Appropriation Art Appropriate?

The famed American artist Richard Prince is in the news again for his particular practice of appropriation, and as usual questions of copyright infringement have dominated the dialogue surrounding the works on sites such as Business Insider. Prince pulls the photographs from the Instagram pages of his subjects, which is in fact the digital version […]

18 June 2015

Richard Prince: New Portraits – Gagosian Gallery – The Great Baudrillardian Joke

Provocative ‘selfies’ and pseudo-glamour shots decorate the walls of Gagosian Davies Street – taken directly from other peoples Instagram accounts by the master of Appropriation Art himself – Richard Prince. The artist has again been raiding Instagram for images of the largely unknown, with a series of ‘New Portraits,’ which has also included celebrities, models, […]

27 May 2015


Richard Prince: New Instagram Appropriations Selling For $100,000

Richard Prince has again been raiding the Instagram accounts of the largely female rich and famous with a series of “New Portraits,” from celebrities, models, and other individuals of visual note with a current show of works by the artist at one of Gagosian Gallery’s Madison Avenue spaces – and Prince’s presence in the gallery’s […]

25 March 2015


New Copyright Law Threatening To Put Artists And Publishers Behind Bars Is An Act Of Censorship

In light of recent decisions in the courts regarding the appropriation and use of images in works of art, that saw the Belgian artist Luc Tuymans found guilty of copyright infringement – after losing a legal battle in his home country over the alleged plagiarism concerning a portrait the artist created in 2011 – and […]

30 January 2015

Luc Tuymans: The Shore At David Zwirner – Cannibals, Executions, And Wallpaper

David Zwirner presents an exhibition of new paintings by Luc Tuymans, on view at the London gallery, which Tuymans inaugurated in October 2012 with the exhibition ‘Allo!’. This new exhibition ‘The Shore’ includes work that the artist specifically made for this space. The artist is known for his light washed out canvases, handled with Tuymans’s […]

9 January 2015


Is Image Appropriation Just Plagiarism Of Intellectual Property

Jeff Koons is facing a second lawsuit over alleged plagiarism of intellectual property in two weeks; first regarding the sculpture

9 December 2014


Richard Prince’s Secret Retreat To Be Opened To The Public

Like Donald Judd, who famously housed his art in store-fronts around rural Marfa, Texas, Richard Prince has been reconfiguring his own surroundings for nearly two decades. The 65-year-old artist – who is well-known for his invention of ‘Re-Photography’ and the appropriation of images across American culture and pre-existing media – moved into a farmhouse over […]

13 October 2014


Klaus Biesenbach And James Franco Have Richard Prince Twitter Disagreement

American artist Richard Prince’s exhibition of Instagram photos on display at Gagosian‘s Madison Avenue space have caused a celebrity Twitter spat. The particular works created by Prince are causing an internet stir. The master of appropriation who is already known for using Instagram as a site for finding and ‘Re-locating’ his celebrity appropriations, was recently […]

21 September 2014


Richard Prince ‘Steals’ Celebrity Instagrams for Gagosian Sale

In an artworld that has recently seen explicit images of Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence [almost] heading to a gallery near you; prominent American artist Richard Prince – the master of appropriation – is already known for using Instagram as a site for finding and ‘Re-locating’ his celebrity appropriations – and lately; for being kicked off […]

24 August 2014

Richard Prince, George Condo, Juan Muñoz Interact With Whimsy

The Skarstedt Gallery, Old Bond Street, is showing a modest yet drolly theatrical exhibition; ‘Interactions’ relating the works of Juan Muñoz, George Condo, and Richard Prince. The exhibition is comprised of four pieces from the three artists, with two works from Richard Prince; ‘Untitled (Two women, two men, in three-quarter profile)’, 1980, and ‘Untitled (Four women […]

20 March 2014


Richard Prince Banned From Instagram For Brooke Shields Spiritual America Image

We all know that social media can be quite sticky when it comes to images involving nudity, even for the sake of art, so I wasn’t completely surprised when I read that the contemporary artist Richard Prince had been banned from Instagram. Recently Artlyst had images removed from Facebook in an article reporting on the […]

8 November 2013

Richard Prince Protest Paintings: Politicised Graffiti Over An Abstract Concept

Richard Prince’s Protest Paintings – brought together for his sixth exhibition at the Skarstedt Gallery, London – challenge both authority and authorship with a sense of irreverent badinage. Richard Prince has used many methods in his career to date, but the mainstay of the artist’s entire oeuvre is appropriation. As the inventor of Re-photography in […]

7 October 2013


Richard Prince: Protest Paintings United For New London Exhibition

An exhibition uniting Richard Prince’s Protest Paintings (1986 – 1994) will be on view at Skarstedt London from 15 October 2013. Protest Paintings is the artist’s sixth solo exhibition at Skarstedt. A detailed catalogue will be published on the Protest Paintings, marking the first publication to be devoted solely to this exceptional body of work. […]

4 August 2013


Richard Prince Curates New York Retrospective Of Fifth Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe

The artist Richard Prince is curating an exhibition of twenty-one paintings and works on paper by British artist Stuart Sutcliffe (1940–1962).  Stuart Sutcliffe: Yea Yea Yea marks the artist’s first U.S. retrospective since 2001. The subject of numerous international shows and much critical acclaim, these pieces signal the apotheosis of Sutcliffe’s late style, emphasizing his […]

3 April 2013


Marcia Eitelberg: A Collector’s Vision Driven By Pure Connoisseurship

In this new series of conversations with art collectors, Lizanne Merrill talks to Marcia Eitelberg a New Yorker with an A-list art collection. Marcia Eitelberg started collecting contemporary art 30 years ago, with the Collectors Circle, a group that guides novice collectors and educates art enthusiasts about the contemporary art market. She is uncompromising in […]

23 January 2013


Richard Prince Deconstructs An Iconic Aura With New Paintings

A new exhibition of paintings by Richard Prince, his first exhibition in London since his ‘Continuation’ retrospective at the Serpentine Gallery in 2008, will be held at Sadie Coles in London. These fourteen expansive canvases build upon a series of works inspired by Picasso which was unveiled at the Museo Picasso, Malaga, in 2012. Each […]

27 December 2012


Tracey Emin Selected To Create Erotic Art For Playboy

Tracey Emin and Cindy Sherman both Royal Academicians are among seven artists chosen to create an original work of art for Playboy Magazine. Playboy hasn’t strayed much from it’s tried and tested format of flesh and literature since its founding in 1953 by Hugh Heffner. Marilyn Monroe appeared on the first cover, long before she […]

10 February 2012


Portrait Of Lucian Freud Revealed For First Time

Bonhams is all set for Monday’s sale of important works by key artists of the twentieth century – including the only portrait Auerbach ever made of Freud –, estimated to make £1,853,000-2,725,000 According to Benedetta Ghione-Webb, Head of Sale, each lot has been ‘carefully selected because it shows the very best of the artist’. Pride […]

8 December 2010


Brooke Shields Nude Photographer Nemesis Garry Gross Dies

Should we mourn the passing of Garry Gross? For those who think the name vaguely rings a bell, he was the exploitive creator of the original image of a ten-year-old Brooke Shields