13 November 2022

New York In November: Alex Katz – Edward Hopper And More – Ilka Scobie

Decades ago, when I lived in Soho, a familiar sight was the sweatshirt-hooded Alex Katz on his daily early morning jog.

25 September 2022

Tribeca And Noho’s Best Exhibitions An Equinox Excursion October 2022 – Ilka Scobie

Returning to New York on Air Fair Weekend, I missed Independent, the Armory and Spring Break while nursing an airplane cold (luckily, not covid).

22 November 2021


New York Exhibitions November/December 2021 From Jasper Johns To Alex Katz – Ilka Scobie

Ilka Scobie trawls through the best art exhibitions New York currently has to offer. 

3 December 2019


Recommended London Art Exhibitions December 2019 – Paul Carey Kent

The noted writer and curator Paul Carey-Kent gives us his rolling ten recommended Contemporary and Modern art exhibitions in London now (December 2019).

Recommended London Art Exhibitions May 2019  – Paul Carey Kent

The noted writer and curator Paul Carey-Kent gives us his rolling ten recommended contemporary art exhibitions May 2019

Art Exhibitions Up Now in London March 2019 – Paul Carey- Kent

Writer and curator Paul Carey-Kent gives his rolling ten recommended contemporary art shows in London March 2019. He currently writes freelance including for Art Monthly, Frieze, Elephant, STATE, Photomonitor, Border Crossings and World of Interiors.

20 December 2018


2018 A Melancholy Year For Art Exhibitions In Britain – Edward Lucie-Smith

It has been in many ways a somewhat melancholy year for art, here in Britain – or should I say: ‘here in London’? -since pretty well all the shows I will mention here took place in a capital city that seems to be drifting steadily away from the rest of Britain.

2 January 2018

London Art Exhibitions For January 2018 By Paul Carey-Kent

With Christmas 2017 and New Year 2018 behind us we return to the normality of the London art gallery offerings.

Paul Carey-Kent Presents Recommended London Art exhibitions November 2017

Paul Carey-Kent presents his recommended London Art exhibitions for November 2017. It is a varied selection containing a number of different mediums and styles.

7 September 2017

Out Of London Exhibitions Artlyst Picks 10 Of The Best Autumn 2017

Autumn sees the launch of a number of exciting exhibitions around the country, confirming that you don’t have to visit the capital to see first rate art.

5 June 2017

London Art Exhibition Picks June 2017 By Paul Carey -Kent

Paul Carey-Kent Offers Artlyst his choice of the best London Art Exhibitions to see in June 2017

5 December 2016

London Art Exhibitions Chosen By Paul Carey-Kent December 2016

Paul Carey- Kent chooses his pick for December 2016 through the new year.

13 August 2016


Art Exhibitions At St Stephen Walbrook London Autumn 2016

Brazilian artist Kim Poor will exhibit a series of paintings in various mediums, including her unique technique of glass fused on the steel plate, baptised ‘Diaphanism’ by Salvador Dali. She is based in London and Rio de Janeiro and her work has been exhibited worldwide, most recently in Brazil, Belgium & Greece, with successful solo shows at the Museum of Modern Art […]

5 January 2014

My Top Twenty 2013 Exhibitions Chosen By Paul Carey -Kent

It seemed to be a good year for double shows. Looking in no particular order at the geographically-constrained selection of what I actually saw (London unless stated) I didn’t think about it in compiling, but have only just noticed that Bedford’s finest, Andy Holden, and Sarah Lucas are the only British artists on the list […]

24 November 2013

Upcoming Sao Paulo Art Exhibitions For December 2013

The drawings presented by Carolina Ponte in her second individual in Zipper Gallery are produced with pen, ink and acrylic paint on paper. The creations in crochet are an expansion of her work with the draws: the sculptures are composed by little pieces and as the same as the little points at drawings. At the […]

5 September 2013

London In September: Art Exhibition Reviews By Paul Carey – Kent

September brings a rush of shows as the ‘season opens’ – though mostly not yet, so there’s a mixture of ongoing pleasures and reliable previews in the following… starting with the painting above, which suggests a farewell to summer, and moving on to a preponderance of constructions, masking and deception. Among the many other shows […]

3 August 2013

Latest Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo Art Exhibitions Explored

Independent Contemporary art Project, opens new exhibition Continuing the series urbanities, which reaches its third edition, Kunsthalle St. Paul invites the artist Otavio Cury (* 1971 in São Paulo), to present his first solo exhibition, “Death of a rhino”. Initially thought to be a facility in the public square, the project turned into a photo-novel […]

13 July 2013

Latest Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro Art Exhibitions For July

Everardo Miranda and Gustavo Speridião present exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro Anita Schwartz Gallery presents, June 27, Everardo Miranda applies iron oxide by means of friction, onto the wall with a length of 19 linear feet, four feet in height. The edges are fuzzy, hazy, with the exception of a meter wide in the center […]

30 March 2012


Anthony Caro At Chatsworth House REVIEW

Isabel Seligman investigates the unlikely tension between foundry and fountains, girders among the gardeners Shining in 24-carat gold on Chatsworth’s famous facade, the family motto – ‘Cavendo tutus’ (‘safety through caution’) – can be picked out between the rusted steel ziggurats of Anthony Caro’s monumental ‘Goodwood Steps’. Although perhaps in some ways a safe choice […]